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I visited the Foxconn manufacturing campus in Shenzhen, China today. That is where Apple's iPhones and computers are made. I spent an hour chatting with one of Foxconn's directors, seating at a cafe in a very leafy street next to one of the plants inside the gates. I did not go onto the assembly line itself. There was plenty of people bustling about on the streets. There was a good vibe about the place. The average age of the workers was about 25. We talked about many things, including the future of robots in the plants, and the changing nature of the workers who come to the plant. I hope it is one of many visits. (Yeah, I know about Mike Daisy.)
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Any insights into what the workers do after they leave Foxconn (if they do)? Is the company / sector showing signs of producing citizens or still just trying to absorb enough labor to keep up with demand?
The workers used to return to their villages. Now they are not returning, which changes the game. Foxconn -- and Shenzhen -- will have to change too.
wasn't there a big explosion there because of poor ventilation?
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