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I saw a bit of the future in a Taipei tax cab this afternoon. Mounted on the front windshield is a $100 HD video monitor which records everything that happens in front of the car. If there is an accident, the video becomes evidence. Good news if you are a good driver -- which most people believe. Eventually all vehicles will have multiple cameras recording front, back and side.
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Also, everything of passenger.
And then when it turns out you're not a good driver, you try to destroy the thing? :-)
Welcome to Taiwan. It is necessary to avoid after an accident follow-up things.
They are also very popular in Hong Kong and parts of China and seem to lead to a whole range of unintentionally funny traffic themed real time videos on Youtube.
They exist in the uk too tho more for trucks. RoadHawk. Cameras can point both ways.
i think they have something like this in most Korean cabs (been living in Korea for past seven years or so).
And while the driver is watching the screen .... bang .... instant YouTube clip

There are similar apps available for your phone, and the increasing number of people that are cutting me up or just being crap drivers would seem to make one of these a necessity nowadays
Yes, it's useful when you encounter some situation. However, it's also interesting while our cable TV find them. So there are large numbers of these car-made-videos becoming our cable TV news. You can see the real accident happened, cargo drop out to the road, weird things across the road... All these things become news on TV.:)
Yes, we have a drivecam in our car in Japan for more than 2 years. some Taxis have a two-way cam that records the interior too, with sound.
How can he see the road with all that stuff on the windscreen?
" $30 for decent cameras." Do you have a link?
And for commercial vehicles - interior.
there's a whole channel dedicated to dashcam accidents on LiveLeaks... for those who are ghoulishly interested!
+Kevin Kelly in Taiwan we believe in taking videos to feed the hunger of dumbed-down news coverage. For the people by the people.. !! hhaa....
Welcome to modern Taiwan culture!
Should all cars have this type of tech? given how cheap camera's and hard drives are?
Good to protect yourself in case you get robbed/hijack.
I purchased that DVR video camera shown in your photograph from Amazon. It takes very good video. I only use it when I drive in city traffic. I am not sure if it is legal in all states since it also records sound although you can turn the sound off.
+Man M i cant say this video cameras arent good for self protection when driving. But when Youtube accident footage is consider the ONLY serious news on TV, then that says something about a culture of self-interest
This is not exactly the future - cameras of this kind (including those which record location, acceleration etc) are available for many years already, but not many drivers use them.
Recently a Mumbai Police inspector installed four cameras on four sides of his jeep. It would be a good idea to cover all taxis like Taipei.
So long as the camera survives the accident yes.
it's very cheap in china,as low as 15$,most of them are 30$.
That's why these girls get into accidents....Full of distraction....What's missing....Put one live Kitty too..
Got one. Records every time I drive!!
The Insurance industry will LOVE to implement this system.
your smartphone does it too!
Judging from the number of videos popping up on You Tube, just about every car in Russia has these cameras.
welcome to Taiwan! :) some car DVR are shipped with one additional telephoto lens to capture car plate as much as possible.
Sometime i take a taxi like this in Mashhad, but that was full of skull statue and all thing was covered by white leather.
There is a reason they don't add video cameras to football, its to maintain the human element. computerize everything and you eventually destroy the world, once all possibility has been recorded the only thing left over to do is to delete and start again. this should never become law.
the Hello Kitty got my attention first.
We should had known that it will get this far, from the beginning when they started to put cameras and video cams on top of traffic lights.
Bike riders use these things all the time - because they keep getting run off the road by cars - and the police refuse to write tickets based on "he said she said"
To be truthful, this is fairly common. Though the monitor is usually out of view. Whenever there is a incident in public areas, the police always aske the cab drivers that were around the area for footage.
great.. but in Turkey it is common to get rid of evidences, so probably most of them would not work or lost :)))))
Eventually, every car will turn into a Google StreetView Realtime agent.
and how about Hello Kitty, too!
ironically, in some states, just having something like this "obstructing" the windshield gives reason for police to pull you over and cite you. This would also include beads, garlands, rings, and other keepsakes that people hang on their rear view mirror. Just an FYI.
GPS+anti-speed limitation detector+vehicle recorder+LCD monitor for TV+Walkie-Talkie=welcome to Taiwan
You can also use a program called iOnRoad which utilizes your dash mounted cell phone's camera as a proximity device and sensor. (not an advertisement, I just believe in safe driving practices)
Where do you draw the lines to that eventuality from? Though it is a good idea, I think people would have some privacy concerns.
Privacy out on the street or public roads? If you knew the number of times this technology has caught crooks, you'd agree its necessary.
And the methods for ensuring no modification of videos? If there's tech to make avatar... can't I make my boss car collide me? Need money for the mortage!
If you didn't know, forging videos and pictures is actually hard and expensive. So there's not a great motivation for that.
i use one here in the philippines
Indeed but only police cars come equipped with this in North America. In Taiwan a GPS and camera is pretty standard these days.
I have an app for phone that records accidents when in my windscreen mount now... any android with a camera can do it.
This should have happened long ago. I call this a butthead camera. Drive like a butthead and the other driver records it and you are charged and or made an instant Youtube celebrity.
+JP Lizotte I do agree that it is necessary , though I think public funded high-speed internet access (GiB per second fast), and universal healthcare are no-brainers as well, but those things haven't come to pass either. My question was, and I think clearly, how do we get from where we are to a world where we are doing the "obvious things" to make our community more efficient.
What a great idea! O.o
If you were to have a crash then they will know who to blame,
so practical,
probably German idea.
+Jon Champaigne I think one of the great North American social diseases is impunity. We have to make our leaders imputable for their decisions. When CEO get golden parachutes and members or parliament or congress get lobbied to death, there should be some accountability. Until we can instill this in our moral fibre I don't think we can invest much trust in lawmakers. So the best way to proceed is to document and report.

Sensitize people that are like-minded to outrages and incidents that should create indignation. Youtube and social media outlets are becoming quite the useful tool for this.
If you search for "car camera" on ebay/google/amazon, you will find lots of these.
This will become ubiquitous, not least because insurance companies will lower premiums for drivers using them. The step after that is full black box recording.
I lived in Taiwan for years. There are a lot of accidents! Organized chaos I called it.
ya its true, i saw it in China also. The Far East is really advancing
I certainly do not like big brother ... I am from Serbia ...
That is good i like that how much that . I will pay 4 that.
ne ho ma taiwan? i lake u I from indonesia
In Korea, they cost a few hundred US dollars.
+Philip Howard Car manufacturers already equip their cars with these "blackboxes" it includes the last few hours of the car's use, usually. Accelerometers, spedometer, tachiometer, everything but video and sound, pretty much.
I can do that with my Galaxy SII car mount. Woop.
and recording the driver as well.
Everyones who drive a car should do the same might save you a whole lot of troubles of all kinds.
Already working on getting some for my 18 wheeler.
Are we cheering the fascist surveillance society today?
It's not facism.

People elect to install it in their cars in order to support claims in accidents. It's a reliable witness. Not imposed by the state. The police will ask the taxi drivers in case of incidents in public areas, if they happen to have footage and they hand it over on a voluntary basis. It's like the internet you can unplug anytime you want.
I was thinking of doing the exact same thing the other day! Not so much for recording accidents, but sometimes, you just see the craziest things on the road.
The company is doing exactly this in the US. I don't know anything about the company, but I saw their demos in a trade show at SF. They had really light-weight cameras (around $150 each) that you could pin to a baseball cap and it would store the last 30 minutes of whatever happened in front of you.
+Tom Anderson oh~ Maybe you were in different cabs:) The "video event data recorders (VEDR)" are very popular in Taiwan. Almost every car has one or more cameras in it :)
I've been considering an iPass Black for sometime now. Tried to order one from the website a while back to be met with sql database errors and such. Not sure if it was hacked, or just a poorly ran site. A positive side effect of not purchasing one yet, it looks like the iPass Black HD is out. Anyone have one of these and care to comment?
I too run AutoGuard Blackbox on my phone which is docked on my dash.
It's a nice thing. Hope get such in Nigeria too
yeap,,unfortunately that does not prevent accidents.:(
I had it in my car. Today if no accident happen to you is good. Once happen this is evidence to show to police you are right or wrong.
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