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Kevin Kelly
Works at KK* — I write about the culture of technology. I'm an off-the-chart optimist. Currently Senior Maverick at Wired magazine. Publisher of the daily review of Cool Tools. Resident philosopher at the Technium.
Attended Westfield High School
Lives in Pacifica, CA
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Kevin Kelly

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This year the major themes of super bowl commercials were talking animals and The Future, which suggests to me talking animals in the future.
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Paging +David Brin 
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Kevin Kelly

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The better the AI, the less we will understand how it works. Google now lets its AI run beyond its understanding. …
As Google's head of artificial intelligence takes charge of search, deep learning is already changing the way Googling works.
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They keep thinking that AI will think like we do; that's a forlorn hope. They'll think in their own way.
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Kevin Kelly

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History of Japan in 9 fast minutes. Painless.

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Somebody put a lot of effort into that video. I learned a lot in a very short time.
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Kevin Kelly

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If you ever need a locksmith don't use Google to find them. You'll likely be scammed. Full warning in NYTimes …
Odds are good that when you search Google for someone to help you get into your home or car, results will include poorly trained subcontractors who will squeeze you for cash.
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Good topic
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Kevin Kelly

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BItcoin may be unraveling for both political and technical reasons.

"Why has the capacity limit not been raised? Because the block chain is controlled by Chinese miners, just two of whom control more than 50% of the hash power. At a recent conference over 95% of hashing power was controlled by a handful of guys sitting on a single stage. The miners are not allowing the block chain to grow."
I’ve spent more than 5 years being a Bitcoin developer. The software I’ve written has been used by millions of users, hu…
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People will improve upon it.
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Kevin Kelly

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Another good backgrounder on the militia occupation in Oregon. Summary: no good guys on either side.

There are no good guys to cheer for in the militia takeover of an Oregon federal office building on January 2.
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one honest caring man

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Kevin Kelly

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Cause for hope: second growth forests rapidly consume carbon dioxide in atmosphere.
Half of the world's tropical forests are secondary forests, forests that are growing back after being cut or logged. Authors compared the growth of secondary forests across Latin America, finding that most, but not all grow back very quickly. As they put on weight, they pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.
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"Can we plant enough trees to fix climate change? | Eternally Curious #3"
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Kevin Kelly

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We all went from 6 degrees of separation to 3.5 degrees. Facebook calculates your average.
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I thought it was "Six degrees to Kevin Bacon"
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Kevin Kelly

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The future is here but not all the bathroom mirrors from the future have been distributed equally. …
When I couldn’t buy a smart mirror and made one instead
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The only thing you see on these 'displays everywhere' demos is the weather. I really only need to see the weather like once.

We need better creativity about how to use this capability.
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Kevin Kelly

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Taiwan is a very modern island country. But scattered through its urban megacity are temples from another era. Recently I spent a week in Taiwan visiting as many temples as I could. To say the temples are ornate is an understatement. They are over-the-top gaudy, mind-boggling decorative, sometimes in day-glo colors. Each temple is different. I only saw a small fraction of them all. Enjoy!
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Welcome to Taiwan!
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Kevin Kelly

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The older you get the more likely your body will kill you.
There are many ways to die. Cancer. Infection. Mental. External. This is how different groups of people died over the past 10 years, visualized by age.
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My friend Kevin is problems fir me I looking for another jobs and no new posts some time my friend
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Kevin Kelly

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Why are the armed radicals in Oregon being ignored by the US federal security state? A good primer here:
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hi how are you doing for the weekend

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I am Senior Maverick at Wired magazine. I helped launch Wired in 1993, and served as its Executive Editor until January 1999. I am currently editor and publisher of the popular Cool Tools, True Film, and Street Use websites. From 1984-1990 I was publisher and editor of the Whole Earth Review, a journal of unorthodox technical news. I co-founded the ongoing Hackers' Conference, and was involved with the launch of the WELL, a pioneering online service started in 1985. I authored the best-selling "New Rules for the New Economy," and the classic book on decentralized emergent systems, "Out of Control." I co-founded the All Species Inventory, a taxonmic initiative to catalog all the species on Earth. I am also a charter board member of the Long Now Foundation which is building a monumental clock to tick for 10,000 years.
Editor, Author, Techno-Philosopher
  • KK* — I write about the culture of technology. I'm an off-the-chart optimist. Currently Senior Maverick at Wired magazine. Publisher of the daily review of Cool Tools. Resident philosopher at the Technium.
    Editor, Author, Amateur Philosopher, 2000 - present
  • Wired
    Executive Editor, 1992 - 1999
  • Whole Earth Catalog
    Editor, Publisher, 1984 - 1990
  • Bell Helicopter Textron
    Editor, 1978 - 1979
  • University of Georgia
    Lab Assistant, 1982 - 1984
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