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I’m on the hunt for the best culture & employee engagement tools.

What tools do you absolutely love?  The ones you can’t live without?  You know, those that make your job so much easier as an employee or when managing employees.

Here are some ideas of what these tools might focus on…

Culture alignment
Talent management
Rewards & Recognition
Performance evaluation
Onboarding new employees
Performance management
Employee guides
Goal management
Meeting planning
Social recognition
And, yes, it’s OK to say, “My company’s tool rocks!”  Be a little boastful.  I want to learn of the best!

Comment and tell me why you love that one thing you can’t live without.

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A series of 11 free videos on how to engage your employees...  

The 11 Secrets of Engaged Employees. 

Watch all 11 at

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Employee Engagement Survey —>

Would you please give me your quick thoughts and feelings on your employee engagement efforts?  Thank you!

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Friday Gem: Discovering your Unique Superpower with Marcia Conner

Working with a purpose, bringing your full self to work, discovering your unique superpower, and being prevented from doing what you can't not do. Did you get that?  Marcia brings years of wisdom around how to make a real difference - not only in your company, but also your life and community.

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Be Willing to be Fired - Now

It is amazing the change you can make when you act is if you are willing to be fired.

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10 Millennial Mindsets That Aren't New (but everyone acts as if they are).

I'm a bit tired of hearing about new the Millennial mindset and how they want to work differently.  Haven't we all?  

But, finally, a group breaks through!  It's about time...

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Collaborative vs. Controlling Organizations with +Mark Babbitt 

Another excellent discussion with Mark Babbitt.

This is one of the VINJONES Podcasts on Employee Engagement found at

Mark Babbitt blames the Millennial generation for stirring up the workplace - and thanks them for it. He discusses what a collaborative workplace acts like, how we hire differently, and why we need to focus more on creating a human workplace than trying to control it.  Then, he says, you need to unlearn everything you have learned, and start fresh.  Find out why...

Mark is the president of Switch and Shift (, the CEO of YouTern and the author of "A World Gone Social." (

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"Hack Yourself" with the ever wise +Luis Suarez.  

For you to love your work, you need to hack yourself.  Hack the way you do work, your behaviors, your mindset, and why you do your work.  You need to find your purpose and challenge the status quo.

For us to be successful, these are only some of the things Luis Suarez challenges us to do.  His wisdom is valuable for everyone to hear, to be reminded of, and to heed and act upon.

This is one of the VINJONES Podcasts on Employee Engagement found at

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Spent time with +Bryson Jones and +Kelly Jones for a quick two day tour of Bryson's mission.
Bryson's Mission Tour
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