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Who deleted it?

I'll put my last response here:

+David Rodriguez  , when you post things like this:

"In United Guns of America, talking is a pussy maneuver.

Shoot now, ask questions later. 'MERICA!"

That bring nothing to the table and serve only to antagonize and taunt, you lose all credibility behind your arguments. It is childish and sophomoric. The only nerve you hit is that I do not suffer fools and children lightly and you've managed to present yourself as both.

I didn't insult you personally, I merely told you to grow the fuck up, child.

Stop acting like a foolish child and I will stop treating you like a foolish child.

By the way, you haven't defended any argument. You keep making statements which are challenged but you do not respond to the challenges, you merely make more statements to be challenged. That's not an argument, that's the critical reasoning version of Home Run Derby.

If you think you're so smart, why don't you put all this cranial horsepower to work and post something I can't pick apart for the logical absurdity, never mind the intent behind the statements.
I have a notification that you interacted with me. +Kevin Jones Would you like to tell me here?
+John Stasny you mentioned me in a comment about a "straw man argument". I don't recall exactly what it was but if you would like to repost it I'll take a shot (unintentional pun) at responding to it.
There was a thread about gun control and how guns SHOULD be banned. Controversial thread is controversial. 

It got deleted when the OP angered a few people...most notably +John Stasny. 
Banning guns is a big step and idk how I feel about it.  Though I do find it funny that Hasbro has to refer to Nerf Guns as Blasters
+Jac Carter no, I did not mean that you made a straw man argument.

I stated that your post was absolutely correct and that most pro-gun people will not say that violence is the only answer. (Some of the extreme right nutjobs do) However it seems that the opposition to the pro-gun side of the coin wants to paint the pro-gun side in that light.

It's a false pretense and character assassination for the purposes of advancing their argument. Otherwise known as a straw man. It's like saying +Colby Goettel smells like farts and therefore, he's a baby puncher. Not only is there no logical progression between the two statements but neither has proof or correlation to +Colby Goettel either and therefore is a false premise. But it makes you think +Colby Goettel is a bit of a douche and who wants to believe anything a douche is saying? It's false but effective in discrediting the character of an arguer even if it is slanderous.

Further though, if you use a straw man to refute an argument, that action is also a fallacy in and of itself.
I punch babies.

Your argument is invalid.
I wasn't really angry +Kevin Jones , he just wasn't posing any good arguments and I was shooting them down for logical problems instead of addressing his statements in an effort to make him give us a case that we could say "Hmmm...makes sense, I can see that." But as with most anti-gun nutjobs, he couldn't. So instead, RAGE QUIT...ALL THE THINGS!!!
I think I angered a few people +Bethany Porter . Its okay though, I'll start one later about how much Bacon sucks.:]
+Colby Goettel To be fair, those babies were being dicks.

And on the gun issue, the people that want guns to do bad things are still going to get them, especially since there are sooooo many guns in the open right now.  It's not like making all firearms illegal tomorrow is going to do any good, in the US there are just shit loads of guns around, too many to get rid of all at once (not that I do or do not support getting rid of them, just looking at it from what I think is a practical view point)
I enjoy bacon, but not nearly as much as sausage.
My M-I-L once pulled a +John Stasny on me because I was singing the Ugly Baby song...because my wife's cousin had a seriously ugly baby.
7 years later, that baby is ugly inside and out.  So there's that now....

For the record +John Stasny , I felt like I was defending my position just fine but it's hard for anything I say to change how you feel about it because you're set in your ways, you have your position and you're going to stick with it, which is fine.  But nothing I said or would've said on the matter was going to change that, especially when it's me vs all of you.
Bacon is overrated and this fad of baconing all the things is problematic because a lot of the time these baconed up products are using poor quality or imitation bacon. Bacon is good and has its place but a lot of people have taken it too far.
+Conor Mackinson, the Goettel Punch (patent pending) is the only thing this side of a Falcon Punch capable of uglifying a baby 2000 miles away from its origin.  I've suspected that my...neice in law (?) was a test subject in the '05 Goettel Punch (patent pending) trials.

+Brian Timm #timmed  
The Goettel Kick is an elusive maneuver... no one yet has witnessed it in person, but some say it has been the reason a stig might achieve greatness as THE stig since before top gear existed.
Clearly, I missed something by leaving work at 16:00.
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