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Electrical Engineering win.
Electrical Engineering win.

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File recovery win. I opened a file today that I was working on last week and found that it had somehow reverted to a very old version. My guess is that I accidentally had it open in two places and when I closed everything on Friday, saved over my changes with an old version.

It contained some very tedious work that I definitely didn't want to figure out again, so I downloaded a raw data hard drive viewer and searched for a word that I knew would be fairly unique to that file. Just happened that the first hit, after a couple seconds, was my lost file, and I was able to copy all the necessary information.

The extremely useful program:

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TI has the worst e-store ever.  It's always slow, and when they have something popular, it just straight up dies.  I want some of these!

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I'm guessing about 2 more years for 3D printers to reach mainstream price point. Already down to $500.

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I came across a couple of these dev boards while organizing.
I picked up two of them when they were on sale for $15 (and free shipping!) and just now considered how awesome they are, especially when compared to Arduino boards (for clarity, I use Arduinos as dev boards and program in C/assembly. AVRs are awesome but the Arduino IDE is horrible.).

The uC is a 16-bit processor with an internal oscillator up to 24MHz (controllable from software). Interestingly, it uses 16kB of non-volatile FRAM for shared program memory and RAM, meaning that you'll probably have much more RAM available than the 2k on an ATMEGA328.

The board has two push-buttons and eight LEDs for UI and a 2-axis accelerometer and a thermistor already on there. There are pads for a 32.768kHz crystal if you want to do RTC stuff. And it has the hardware on there for programming (so no external programmer needed) and USB-UART.

So color me impressed (especially for $15). Now to come up with something to use them for...

While organizing toys I came across a 16x24 LED display that I bought years ago off ebay but never tried to use. A little reading of a datasheet and a little programming of a microcontroller and it worked first try. How often does that happen?

Frickin' never (minus one, apparently).

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Woohoo I'm famous!

I find it ironic that the site lets you log in with Facebook or Twitter but not Google.
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