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Ok, I finally went through and pruned my circles. I might actually start posting here again. Though I'm pretty sure I still have a depressingly small number of actual friends who use this. The rest of my friends will probably not be public.
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Kevin Hill

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Make the churches pay their fair share of taxes.
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Kevin Hill

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Autonomous weapon systems are going to happen, good or bad, right or wrong. They're going to happen. What do we do about this? Do we go full speed ahead and let the military do what they will with them (Not necessarily a bad thing, but potentially a very bad thing), do we institute safety measures and protocols for the ethical use of these systems, allowing them to exist as they are going to anyway, but to more fully and safely control them, set up these protocols now so that once the technologies are fully invented we already have a moral framework to implement (instead of playing it by ear, trial and error), OR do we try to ban them outright like we have with biological weapons, gas warfare, etc?

I don't know, but we need to start thinking about it NOW not later. Particularly good quote at the end of the piece:

"If it's your job to be concerned about the security of the United States, and that's what the president has told you to do, then you've got to try to understand this stuff," Mr. Allenby says. "Because if you don't, and then China does, or Russia does, or India does, or Brazil does, then you haven't done your job. You've failed."
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Kevin Hill

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This seems fair and has been in line with what I've been saying for a long time.
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