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In case you plan on flying United

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If only United competition responded like this 

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Where has +Ingress taken you today
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Well done agents
It was a beautiful day for a boat ride! +Cade Roux​ and I took the Blue Voodoo Resistance Navy's SS [REDACTED] to Fort Proctor (one of several beautiful, ruinous forts in south Louisiana that is also an Ingress portal -

We arrived just before 7 am - in time to watch the sun rise and to receive an Ingress shard linked up to us from Grand Cayman. The next shard jump was scheduled for noon so we took advantage of the weather and low tide to do a bit of exploring - and surprising no one, Cade snuck in a nap.

Around 11, agent Undaboss joined us and roughly two dozen agents sprung into action on the mainland clearing the way for the noon jump. Our plan was to link from the fort to Indiana and since Ingress links can't cross each other - we had to do significant cleanup to cut across all that land. By 11:45 the path was clear, our link was up, and with no ENL agents around, we decided to sneak an early start back toward the boat launch.

We were almost back to shore when we noticed a curious sight - a man in a suit standing up on a boat passing us going out. It was lucky for us that his clothing was so remarkable because it turned out to be enlightened agent +Knyteshadeaux Robb Sisson​ with two other NOLA ENL agents. For a brief moment we all looked across at each other - and then the race was ON.

We spun the [REDACTED] around and opened up the throttle. We could hear them ask their captain to step on it. Our boat was slower but their captain was not as familiar with the fort or how to get the agents onto it - by 11:50 an epic 3 on 3 battle had begun. Luckily we had the full strength of the New Orleans Resistance remotely recharging against the attack and we were able to continuously re-shield it and keep the link up. At noon shard 64 successfully jumped to "Rhino Time" at a closed theme park in Indiana and our battle concluded.

After the jump and an IRL handshake we realized our opposing agents were stranded at the fort! They left work and had driven in a hurry to the launch and paid a random fisherman to bring them out there. Luckily for them we were feeling generous and allowed them to join us on our vessel. Unluckily, our vessel is not designed to hold that many agents and Undaboss and I ended up with soaked bottoms before we got very far into our return journey. After a little load adjustment we all made it safely back to dry land, but not quite to dry bottoms. Several of the agents had to quickly get back to work or to family obligations with no chance to change out of wet and muddy clothes.

It was certainly one of the most hilarious Ingress operations I've participated in and probably in the top 5 most exhilarating NOLA Ingress battles. How often do you get to have a full on boat race to a falling-down, flooded fort to fight over an object that only exists virtually?

If you're interested in having epic Ingress adventures with us - join the Resistance (blue team!) and we'll plug you in with the crew here locally or wherever you live/play. :)

In traditional #Ingress #sitrep style, here is a (non-exhaustive) list of RES agents who participated in today's op:


#resistance #bluevoodoo #resistancenavy #FateOfThe13
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It seems both factions feel this was the activity of a spoofer. The question is will +Niantic​ restore this shard portal to its prespoof status
It's just getting sad writing these posts. I'm not sure what curse I have, but shards and myself ultimately ends with some cheating.

This story begins with the shard #64 spawn in Miami, and since shards are still active, including this one, I'm going to pass on the detailed story I usually attach with a cheating report.

Shard #64 rested on top of a Level 7 Resistance portal on Dry Tortugas Island. For those unaware this island is smack dab in the gulf off the coast of Key West and carries with it a hefty fee for access

This island is also very difficult to obtain signal at -- from reports of previous visitors. With options being as limited as BGAN.

So imagine my surprise when our shard holding portal was randomly destroyed this afternoon by a single green bar code account.

At first I was amazed that someone took such a trip for the portal, but then I began looking into things and they got fishy.

Viewing the profile of the bar code (IlIlIlIlIllIIl) was the ever familiar local account we have in St Petersburg Florida, confirmed from the G+ attached and missions. A Level 9 account that no one on our Resistance side has ever met personally despite their play areas overlapping with many.

So I began questioning some things.

1. Why kill the portal? Shards have to jump on Level 7+ portals, and the portal was already L7. Simply flip the portal and have a shard portal ready to link.

2. Why kill the portal x2? It had 4 excellent mods that literally were probably placed during Abaddon and just flipped back n forth.

3. Why not re-mod the portal after the kill? If you take this expensive trip to the island, chances are you are using every moment available to farm keys.

4. Why not claim the other portal on the island? Its not much more than a few minutes across the island, seems strange to only kill the shard portal.

5. Why kill the portal roughly 2 hours after the ferry arrived on the island? This is barely a reason, but timelines inline with checkpoints are important here.

So I reached out in public comms asking for a proof photo. This isn't normally like myself, but for a portal on an island, like this one with a shard on it, I am questioning every action.

Imagine my curiosity when you immediately pinged back with "it wasnt worth tbe drive from islamoradola, but got a few drinks on the boat..."

So I pinged my good friend in Key West asking if he'd seen your agent name the night before, because its a solid 7 hour drive to Key West from your location and if you are getting on the ferry you probably didn't drive that morning to it.

Key West didn't remember any bar code activity, so maybe you were doing a stealth mission for a shard steal. However, you didn't flip the portal so that idea went out the window.

Then a St Petersburg local sent me a screenshot of your responses to me, in public comms from someone working in St Pete with their comms set to 5km.

Now I'm well aware the Intel map allows you to do it, but if you are on a low signal island what are you doing on the Intel map sending messages from your home area instead of sending messages from the island from the Ingress app.

Then why did you un-link your G+ account and then rename it? Things look fishy and there is still no proof photo.

I will retract everything I said if proven wrong, until then IlIlIlIlIllIIl you are a cheater.

TLDR - We lost a shard and tons of plans once again to a faction less cheater. Only Niantic can determine this, but you (IlIlIlIlIllIIl) have been reported.,-82.873094&z=17&pll=24.627652,-82.873094

#385534 +NIA Ops +Ingress +John Hanke +Andrew Krug


If you (NIA) deem this to be invalid activity. I urge you to make the portal L7 blue again. Reverse the action. Use NIAOPSDAEMON, I know that account is getting anxious for some activity.

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Way to go
#Shard33 in Target Res!

Of 5 continuous movements the agents of the Resistance Peru met the objective to transfer the Shard N° 33 to the Target located in Lima, capital of Peru.

Very soon the details of the operation will be published for +Cristian Hurtado​​



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+evil witch Happy Birthday

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Another fun night as the Squirrels assemble for Fellowship of the Wing 

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I may have to get this clock

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