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Weather warming up so needed to buy my first case of wine for the summer 
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Hey! Wait a minute... lol
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I read that this morning
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General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark doing the Dump and Burn maneuver
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I worked Avionics backshop (mostly inertial navigation) for those beasts for 10 years when I was in the Air Force. One of it's other nicknames was "Whispering Death". "Whispering" is not a term I would use to describe the Dump and Burn maneuver, or a takeoff with full afterburners!
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I do like when new portals come online
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Can you discuss about portal?
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Lots of great friends out there. 
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Be safe, all of you. 
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Hacked another capsule
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Thats really cool.
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May the Fourth Be With You
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Hammer time!
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Ingress originally shared:
Join Niantic Labs' +John Hanke at the +GORUCK Light Challenge: #Persepolis DC on Sat, May 30. Work as a team to secure information on sets of key Volatile Portals. Sign up today at

#IngressGORUCK   #Persepolis  
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Thinking about doing this in DC, i just don't know if i can handle not fighting for cluster portals. What you think +Kevin Hagan​
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Some areas even have rules for donating bursters 😀
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Just drop the capsule the and walk away all sneaky like ... lol
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Yay! I'm in this photo...
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Always surprised how few people know about the Sultana disaster and the number of soldiers who lost there lives all those years ago today.
#Sultana #anniversary
The worst maritime disaster in American history occurred on April 27, 1865, when the steamship Sultana exploded and burned on the Mississippi River while dangerously overloaded with passengers. The Sultana, a typical side-wheeler coal-burning steamer, was built in 1863. It made frequent trips up ...
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First time I heard of it.

Also, to be fair, this happened ~150 years ago. 
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Let them know what products are on your list
We'll provide up to 20% off on Anker products on amazon for customers who pre-ordered the Ingress Power Cube on Please tell us your country and desired products in the comments :)
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Have him in circles
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