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Kevin Gleason
I'm just happy to be here.
I'm just happy to be here.

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Surfing the web and found an old article I had no idea I was in. +Arin Sime used one of the #WebRTC  blogs I wrote for +PubNub to do something pretty cool! via +WebRTC Ventures 

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WebRTC Gaming. Chat and play using WebRTC DataChannels!

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Just in case you wished there was a rap airhorn for dolphin noises. Got you covered.

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Interested in #WebRTC? Check out this post: How to Build WebRTC Video Chat in 20 lines of #javascript

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+Justin Platz and my blog post got added to raspihub! I'm glad this one is making its way around! Check it out, there is a neat intro video

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Etch is now on the app store! Take a look at it, invite a friend, and start etching!

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