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Would you stand in line for 24 hours (or more) for any new product?
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No. I spend enough time on G+ to make me feel like I'm wasting my life. 
An immortality machine. Anything shy of that and I'm staying home and masturb sleeping. :)
Unless there was a very limited supply or a limited time major discount deal on a large ticket item, I wouldn't. 
I have always wondered why people do this for iPhones.
Because in a consumer society, people identify themselves with the products they consume.  iPhone to people who wait 24 hours in line isn't just a phone, it's a status symbol.  A really important one, and Apple takes full advantage of them for it.
No, unless it came with a $2,000 mail in rebate...
It's funny because I think I love my phone more than most people but I couldn't see myself taking a day or two off to get a new version of it.
I take a day off to play a video game, but not to wait for it to come to a store... I have it in my grubby little paws, then I take the time off to play it.
The problem with this whole paradigm of waiting just to get it first is that I can pre-order just about anything on Amazon for full retail, if not less, and get the childish joy of having a package full of silicon goodness waiting for me within days of its release. And while they are waiting in line for their "must have" tools for being "creative" I get to take showers and make money...
+Thom Miller I said the people who wait 24 hours in line fall in the consumer whore category.  The rest are just normal consumers, easily persuaded.  I've gone to dozens of midnight release parties for games, but I would never personally wait more than 2 hours for anything (I have a life).  Last game I did it for was Skyrim.  My girlfriend is still playing it this very moment right next to me, all these months after it's release.
I had to look up what a holodeck was.
I've never played Skyrim, WOW, or any other such video game. I never got into Star Wars or Star Trek. I have never seen an episode of Dr. Who and whatever show the Mordor meme comes from. I have never read Harry Potter or The Hobbit or Lord of the rings, or even seen one of the movies. I also think bacon is just o.k. - The funny thing is that the people that I find most interesting on G+ are all into one or more of those things above. What does this say about me?
+Kevin Gaspar I've never played any other Elder Scroll game other than Skyrim, never played WoW, or any others that can be called similar.  As a kid I was devoutly interested in Star Wars and Star Trek TNG.  I have never seen an episode of Dr. Who and never want to, watched the Lord of The Rings trilogy but thought they sucked (they did, goddammit).  I never read Harry Potter or The Hobbit either, and I don't like pork at all.  :)
+Kevin Gaspar , it says that you are interesting without being a geek in that context yet enjoy people that are...
+Kevin Gaspar It means that you're a geek in the closet. You haven't crossed the hot steamy line of Sci-Fi/Fantasy temptation, but you have lucid dreams about traveling through space with a wookie on one side, and George R.R. Martin on the other. The Wookie places his hand gingerly on your thigh.... and that's as far as you'll let yourself go, for now. But, you're going to "accidentally" set your DVR to record a Star Trek Marathon one day. Then, after a 12 hour marathon session of watching Picard sing his sweet dulcet tones of diplomacy and curiosity, you'll feel dirty at first. Guilty and disgusted with yourself. Slowly, over time, you'll watch an episode of "Game of Thrones" just to make sure that it was wrong to get sucked in like that. But, it feels oh so right. Before you know it, you'll be speaking fluent Klingon and Elvish, and be the happiest and most free that you've ever been. ;)
Among my friends I am the "geek" I'm not that into sports, I stopped playing all video games at about age 15 ( I have a PS3 in bedroom, but I only use it to stream videos and watch downloaded movies and Blu Ray). I mostly watch documentaries, dramas, independent films, and learning shows. I am also a news junkie.  I like many different kinds of music but prefer bands from the U.K. that none of my friends have even heard of. I also love many female singers like Fiona Apple, Sia, Aimee Mann, and Regina Spektor. I love computers/smart phones/gadgets more than anyone I know. I have 2 laptops, a touchscreen desktop that dual boots Ubuntu and Win7, an iPod Touch, an HP Touchpad (running CM9), a rooted HTC EVO LTE, a Samsung Galaxy Player 5, a generic 7 inch Android tab (that I haven't turned on a year), and 3 DIVX players in the house. I read almost exclusively non-fiction and research everything that I want to know more about. Maybe I am not a geek but more of a dork? ;)
No thank you for waiting in line for products.
Not my thing, it borders on waiting in line to see Justin Beiber or some equally horrible media driven fan phenomena.
Not buying into a certain set of media does not stop you from being a geek.
+Kevin Gaspar I'm just messin' around. You are a geek, you're a tech geek. BTW, if you like Aimee Mann, you may also like Jill Scott, Liz Phair, PJ Harvey, and Annnie DeFranco.
I like some of Liz Phair's songs. I will check out the others. Thanks!
What? I can't believe that. She ha s a concert in Austin tonight.
That will teach you to leave California
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