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I wonder how many people we could get to do this? Most of my Facebook friends still don't know about Google+.

Please share this if you are participating.
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I'll participate, but I highly doubt it will convince those there to change. They are content with Facebook for some reason.
Wish I could help but deleted my FB account.
What's Facebook? Is it a Google service of some sort?
No thank you. I'd rather the two worlds not meet.
Can't hurt to try. Those FB friends don't know what they are missing ;-)
The point is that I am not missing them... ;-)
I don't want to disturb my delta: FB - TW - G+
What is Facebook...... Lol I have not been on f/b for awhile. Plus my Family is slowly joining G+ Because they want to see what the hell I'm up too. Some friends joined G+. If you stay away from Facebook Friends & Family will come.....
Why? What does this accomplish? What is the significance of the date?
We should all share this post to try and get other google users to do the same
Oh yeah! This will be a worldwide retaliation to all those annoying people posting Visit my Facebook Page in G+. WTF! If I'm here it's obviously because I don't like Fb.
WHY!? Who on FB cares?
Doesn't Facebook somehow bury or otherwise not show wall posts that link to g+? If so, I'm pretty sure this wouldn't accomplish anything.

Posting them to twitter on the other hand...
hm, 60 shares, so the majority seem to like the idea. but most of the 13 comments are negative. I think it's cool, will post, too. Probably a day too early, though, many will forget it when Friday comes. :)
will consider it, but would also suggest that those participating in this have something publicly shared so when people from face ache come have a look they aren't staring at a blank page!
Good point Rupert...
(only those that actively post should participate)
It might be more effective if on the 30th of march we all attack and kill 5 facebook friends, that should get the message out there
I'm not sure if FB will allow advertisements for Google+. I tested it on mine and it worked, but I have also heard of people having issues posting a link to their own page. I guess we will see how it goes. :)
+Kevin Gaspar ask someone else if they can see the Google might find it just gets hidden to everyone else ?
My wife can see it. I didn't post it public, just to"friends".
Think I agree with +Marc Jansen , most of the pond-life will stay on FB, and that is definitely a good thing.
This won't convince the fanbois anymore than WoW players could convince EVE players to join them, which is just as unlikely.
PS: I don't want Facebook fanbois on Google+ anyways.
Whenever I get a good conversation going on a post, I put the link on Facebook and try to get people over there interested. To no avail. Really! Facebook is the suburbs populated by the Stepford Wives and mallrats. Google+ is MIT's Building 20 -- a laboratory for brainstorming and innovation. There just is no common ground.
for what the link on facebook, I like Google+ and more knowledge about the world, welcoming news quick and agile
I will do it just because I want to see if anyone would join at all. I have a Facebook account but it's only meant to as another to stay in contact with family and some friends. I visit my account maybe once a day for a couple of minutes. My wife on the other hand is there all the time and only tries G+ once in a while and that's because she sees me on it all the time. To each his/her own.
I think this would confuse all of those people who fall for the bra color memes on FB.
google+ will be the best website than facebook
Look, it must be official... It's in facebook's font and color scheme. ;)
TBH, I see what your trying to do, but I wonder if you really want everyone who is on facebook to just be presented with G+.
We dont really want all the asshats, and mooks to be all over this site. This is a slightly different community invovling people with [slightly ;p] more mature and insightful qualities which I prefer over the facebook community. Lets try and let it grow naturally, so maybe tag those people who you think would be a positive contribution to G+ in your facebook update rather than something on a larger scale.
+BenJam'n Button I agree. I have seen enough crazy people in Facebook to convince me to erase all my info there and put my Failbook account into cryogenic stasis.
I'll do it mainly cuz my Facebook friends know that my real meaningful posts are not on Facebook.. I'm almost tempted to just have twitter push stuff there again lol 
I see that Google appreciate for your attempts guys! What Facebook will do for the answer? :)))
Still undecided... but I think this might be the one time when "Seperate but Equal" might be the best way to go
It worked for me! Lets see if I get any responses tomorrow...
What's Facebook?
i deactivated my facebook a/c y'day , reason is just felt not secure this means have to do away with this also...
I don't want my Facebook Friends here. G+ is is perfect because they are not here. :D
*I want more people to join G+ though I am not sure if I want the two worlds to meet!
Being open was so much easier on here when none of my friends/associates IRL would see it*
+Hannah Roberts That's indeed a great paradox. I feel more comfortable sharing here with people that I "don't know" than with people I do know. That's something.
The only thing more pointless than this original post is commenting 2 weeks late on a pointless tirade like this.
The only thing more pointless than this original post is commenting 2 weeks late on a pointless tirade like this with a fake profile name. Fixed that for you, +Kevin Gaspar !
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