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Hello Kevin from Charleston, South Carolina. I'm an Online Marketing Consultant helping small businesses in the Lowcountry. Would love to be added to your circle. Thanks. P.S. Great blue eyes!
Sweet list - thanks! One person who I think should definitely be on here is +Mark Traphagen - definitely check him out!
I would also like to be added if possible, I'm very active on Google+ and not much of a self-promoter. Check out my posts and add me if you can.
+Kevin Gallagher I would like to be added as well. I teach the importance of social media engagement and becoming very active on Google+
thanks everyone for your lovely feedback I am glad you are all enjoying the circle 
Kevin would love to be part of the circle and +Mediative ( formerly enquiro ) should be there as well 

thanks for sharing, i like to be added to the circle please
Hey +Kevin Gallagher - nice circle u created here! 
I would love, if u added me into it also. 

Im a danish SEO marketer living in Thailand where a run my company from. 
+Kevin Gallagher <> circle
Themelis Cuiper SEO
sorry guys once a circle is shared you can't edit it. 
 Hi +Kevin Gallagher, thanks so much for sharing this circle.
May I request you to add me to your circles as well?
Can you add me to this circle please. Thanks
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