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New rules pre-guide...the rules say

To determine the strike rank for spirit magic spells, add the strike modifier for the magic points used in the spell to the adventurer’s DEX strike rank modifier. Remember that the first magic point used in the spell has no strike rank modifier. Any subsequent spells require 5 strike ranks to prepare, even if the same spell is being used. Most spirit magic spells need at least one hand free. Because of this, 5 additional strike ranks must be added to an adventurer’s normal strike rank for a spell if they are switching from a weapon to the use of a spell in that melee round. This requirement does not apply to Rune spells. However, casting a spell such as Bladesharp or Fireblade on a weapon held in the hand only involves adding the normal strike rank for casting the spell to the normal strike rank for that weapon for that melee round.
So are they saying that it takes 5SR+Dex+POW-1 to cast a focus using spell? Unless you had prepared the focus previously.

You can't cast more than one spell a round so why say " Any subsequent spells require 5 strike ranks to prepare, even if the same spell is being used." Or is that implying WHEN you can do this via a multispell?

They need to tighten up that last bit about casting on your own weapons... why? Its sort of like an adhoc exception, needs reasoning. For me I say any spell that is cast on yourself does not req a focus, all others do.

Something I have noticed in rq2 that I don't think I have ever noticed before... once you are engaged, you can't leave melee without killing all your opponents. In the 4 phases there is just no option to move once engaged?

Is this right? How do people play with this?

Anyone know of a software package, cheap, that handles putting together tiles into one bigger image. So if I have a bunch of HeroicMap terrain tiles and I want to put some of them together in a bigger map, the program will show them all and make a composite. ?

Session 18-19

So the team took the job from the Sorceror and took off across Prax. After a couple of days they spot a strong sandstorm coming and prepare for this by digging in. When the storm leaves they are without the Sorceror and seem to be in a strange location. To their north they can see trees, so they head that way. It turns out to be the southern end of the Devils Swamp, which means they were shifted by the storm a few days travel. In fact the Storm Bull moved them for a reason, but they don't know that yet. In retrospect I was too vague about this, the players were confused for a time about what exactly was happening. I should have given the Stormbull Initiate some sort of clue as to what was going on.

As they approach the swamp they discover Broo tracks converging and moving into the vegetation, which is enough to get the Stormbull to go investigate. They follow a trail of tracks and eventually come to some kind of ancient shrine. As they approach a bunch of mutant frog/toad-men attack them. Fight ensues and when they get close enough to the shrine a giant bunch of tentacles bursts forth and joins the attack on them. They manage to whittle away all the tentacles with only Gertude losing a limb.

After some vague hinting they decide to descend down the hole the tentacles came from. They find a series of damp tunnels beneath the swamp, which they follow and encounter another group of frogmen, but this time with some casters. The casters go invisible to start with, which proved to be quite effective. They moved around the back lines and healed for a time, then when things were going bad for them I managed to get in some Befuddles (and appearing), but to fight was too far gone by then so the casters fled and left the frog warriors to their fate.

The party continued their exploration of the tunnels, ending the session approaching something big and nasty, a feeling of dread.

The next session will be a large prepared battle between the party and a number of bunches of frogmen, culminating in another tentacle fight. I have included a few extra casters like before, and a bunch of slingers, and a few heroic level warriors. I am also experimenting with frog spearmen who will attack from the second ranks. I might be over doing things...

One thing that has become obvious is that the party has some unfortunate gaps in their spell inventory. There is one Dispell Magic in the party, and that was an item (matrix), which they forgot they even had for 3/4s of the session. The fact that I got some Befuddles to work and they could do little about it seemed to cause some appropriate concern. I suspect I will need to give them sufficient money from this adventure to allow for a spell upgrade.

So there is a side comment that creatures can attack with 2 claws at the same time, and an implication that you cant parry both with a shield... is that right? Two attacks coming in simultaneously can't both be parried with a shield, but can you parry with a shield and your weapon?

Does a listing of Claws imply 2 claws? or just reflect a combined attack. So basically this only applies where they have the * note that they can use both.

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Session 15-16-17
One of my players ran a session, so I dont have a lot of detail about it... even tho I played in it... hmm interesting how we respond to other people getting their hands on your story. The main problem with this is that they have different ideas about what is acceptable. The other person likes lots of treasure and uses more D&D style stuff that is actually very hard to rationalise in RQ. Anyway, in that story we went off to fight some chaos goblins and waded our way through a sea of goblins (almost literally). We got some stuff, we got an elf follower from rescuing a bunch of elves from the goblins (who I think is mainly there as a healer) and some unusual items.

So on the way back to Knight Fort I returned to GMing. I had bought/found some lovely isometirc maps ( and used the Trickle map to create a dungeon - The Long Water Falls.

A storm approaches, looks like a very dangerous one, as they make their way back across the plains of Prax. They seek shelter and find a path that leads to an old strong door hidden in a rocky cleft. They force the door open and inside is a crypt, with two sarcophagi displaying heroic male figures, holding impressive 2h swords (in stone). One of the sarcophagi is open. Approaching them 2 ghost s appear and challenge them, they are orlanthi runelords of long ago. The orlanthi in the party parley with them. Eventually the two ghost pass on that defilers came here and took the sword of one of the brothers before the ghosts were able to chase them off. The brothers charge the orlanthi to get the sword back, and then possess the Minotaurs poleaxe, whilst the other brother gives his 2h sword to the Stormbull to use (which he has no skill in, too bad).

There is a collapsed section of floor that leads down into the dungeon. The brothers say they went that way. So the players make their way down through the very vertical dungeon. They discover the dungeon is actually a temple to the Goddess Sorana Tor and her sisters - a death Goddess that few visit or even know of. They encounter some protectors, an earth elemental, and a corpse who bears the markings for The Black Fang Brotherhood (but it is a womens corpse carrying 5 large gems), a room with statues to the goddesses fellow sisters (Barbeester Gor, Moran Gor, Ana Gor etc). They then found a corpse sitting cross legged outside a large door. The spirit of the dead women appeared and charged them with avenging her death (she had died to the assassin) and expelling the invaders of her temple, she being the last High Preistess. Along the way it would be good if they could find her a body so she could ritually sacrifice herself to her goddess in penance. They discover the main temple room with a huge statue of the goddess, with five empty holes. They place the gems into the holes and restore the statue. For this they are exempted from being slain for violating this room and those with a Death rune in their cult are annointed and allowed to be associated members of the cult, even if they are men (those bits can always be cut off later). The players are not sure what this means so most of the males pass, the Barbeester Gor follower is delighted however.

They discover the lower sections of the temple are inhabited by a band of broo raiders. They launch an attack and drive them back until they run into some very tough broos who are their equal. After a long battle (over an hour) we had to call it a night so a parley was conducted to allow both sides to retreat and regroup.

This allowed them to find a wounded but living broo, who the priestess possessed, then killed herself before her goddess in the main temple room. This brings further blessings from the Goddess.

With the next game the characters launched themselves into a new attack and drive the broo back. They emerge at the base of the falls for a final battle which ends with a Giant emerging from the falls and attacking, but the numbers are too much for him and the party is victorious.

They have not found the 2h sword however. So the ghost brothers are still with them. They return to Knight Fort to rest and recover.

As they rest a man approaches them, he is called Arlatan and is a sorceror from the west. He wishes to engage them as guides in a journey to Pavis, going via Corflu.

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This is interesting if you can gt through the hole thing.

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I'm glad it's out for iOS and Android, but $6.99 and $6.49 seems a little high.
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