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Iron Maiden used BitTorrent data to determine where its music was pirated, then played sold out shows there

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Also, screw you, Google, auto-hashtagging my posts. You make me seem more insufferable than I actually am.

I wanna watch my hard drive defrag just to experience the illusion of perfect orderliness in my life.

brb, repurposing a decommissioned cement truck into a mobile ice cream maker

Etta James's "At Last" sung as Kim Jong-Il from Team America.

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RIP Jeff Hanneman. I'd say drink some Jager in remembrance, but that's probably not a good idea for someone who died of liver failure.

......doesn't matter, do it anyway. SLAYER!!

The modern serial novel: tweet one sentence per hour.

Change your text notification the Metal Gear Solid alert sound and see how many people nervously hide. Nerds: identified.
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