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Here you go, +Joe Philley​​​​. Onyx is a long way off still....

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Annnd   halted.

From OTC Bulletin Board:

"Trading is halted because FINRA has determined that an extraordinary event has occurred or is ongoing that has had a material effect on the market for the OTC Equity Security or the security underlying an OTC ADR or has caused or has the potential to cause major disruption to the marketplace or significant uncertainty in the settlement and clearance process."

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This is a chart showing trading in a company called CYNK Technology since June 17. The stock is up nearly 25,000%. But there is, as you could imagine, a slight problem with CYNK: It's not clear if there's any value to it.

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People are dumb and greedy.  And some of them are worse than that - complete SOBs out to fleece the dumb and greedy.
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Thank you. It's not enough, but it's important.


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Nexus 5  16GB black out of inventory in Canada already.

16GB white, 32GB white and black still there.  
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and back available again now :) 
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UK's Office of Fair Trading to look into Google-Waze deal.  Regulators looking to regulate.. I guess everyone wants to justify their existence..
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Isn't it already the case for android users, doing extra work?  Don't tell anyone, I don't want to start another fight here...
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#IngressFS  : Willemstad

10:00am-11:00am  Coffee, say hi to friends and meet new friends. We  register your AP for the AP gain event (Ingress Bootcamp), and (hopefully) have  passcodes for some gear for you.

11:00am- 12:00pm  A clearing crew will turn nearby portals grey in both Otrabanda and Punda

12:00pm-1:00pm-  Ingress Bootcamp/ AP gain event.  Conquer, deploy, link and field, take down the opposition's portals and fields, whatever you can do to gain AP

1:00pm  Take a screenshot showing the time and your AP. Then return to Rif Fort

1:30pm-2:00pm  Submit your current AP to the opposite faction's check-in person.  Totals will be tallied for both AP and levels gained

2:30pm- we're done. Cervezas?

Note- the AP gain event is going to totally depend on how many people we have signing up.  Worst case scenario, we have coffee and just hang out :) But if you are on the island and can make it, please register and participate.
#IngressFS : Willemstad
Sat, April 4, 10:00 AM AST
Rif Fort

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Congrats to ENL Curacao who won the first FS event.  Next time boys and girls :)
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curated by +John Fujimagari 
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Ottawa is on average colder than Moscow. 

Yeah, the winters are seriously nasty.
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I'm guessing that "Rehab" is actually the name of his new Afghani drug connection.
Ford says he is enjoying rehab, is on the mend, and will be back for the election.
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Juan B
Did you hear he's back in Canada? Our nice friends the Americans sent him back and didn't let him in @ o'hare airport (Chicago) Lol 
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Thanks for the heads up +Kevin Dunseath !!
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I don't really remember what I did the summer I turned 27, but I do remember it didn't involve running across Canada-  5000 miles, more than a marathon a day-  without a support crew.

Jamie McDonald is doing just that, right now.  He's doing it for the challenge of course, having had some medical issues as a kid, but he's also doing it to raise money for the Great Ormond Street Hospital- a children's hospital- in London,  and Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.   And he needs to finish by mid-December, when his visa expires.  Unless someone like, say +Stephen Harper  were to tell his minister to take care of the visa issue, should it arise :)

 This guy is kinda nuts. But in a really good way. He's got a whole youtube playlist of videos up and recording more as he goes.

#JamieMcDonald   #greatormondstreethospital  
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Hi there- first gen G+er here, joined on July 1, 2011 after seeing a flurry of posts about it on the old Google Buzz and begging an invite.

I largely post only to my circles or to my extended circles, though occasionally I do post to public. Why?  Just seems like the thing to do.  So, if you don't see anything "shared with you" when you check out my profile, trust me, I'm a G+'er from way back and on here all the time.

In no particular order, some circles you could put me in include: 
  • All things Android
  • All things tech, including next gen energy solutions
  • The stock market
  • Running/marathons
  • Motorcycles (I have a 2011 F800ST)
  • Food and cooking (see below)
  • Wine
  • Politics
  • Photography 

Last summer did an awesome summer road trip.  Hopped on my F800ST and rode out to Logan Pass, via Mt Rushmore, the Crazy Horse memorial, Custer Battlefields, Wall Drug, the Enchanted Highway, various giant balls of twine and other roadside attractions.   I guess that means you could put me in a goofy kitsch circle as well :)

Oh, and if cooking is your thing, check out my recipe page, where I try to share things that make me go  Yummmm:

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UKPC Region 41 West Sussex
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Full disclosure- we love Fishalicious. It's near our place and we try to go once every couple or few weeks. For one thing, it's got a great wine list. For another, the seafood really is fantastic. And for a third, the service borders on ideal. The servers are knowledgeable, they are polite and friendly, they don't rush you, they don't hover, they appear when you need them. We often compare the servers in other restaurants.. nice place, but it's no Fishalicious.. that sort of thing. The only time we've had an experience that was less than perfect was when we ordered a Canadian lobster special that they were running. We felt the side of frites was a bit skimpy and while there were three butters and sauces for dipping, it was enough for one really, not two. And it came so quickly that we were in and out in an hour. But that was just one time. the rest of the times we've gone, we've ordered off the menu and have always been really pleased. And the service isn't usually rushed, it's usually paced perfectly, which made the lobster night seem all the more strange. So go. You'll love it. And do yourself a favor- order the Fishalicious coffee to end your night. That alone is worth a visit.
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LOVED the restaurant. We didn't stay at the resort, but did book dinner at the beach front restaurant. And by beach front, I mean we had dinner at a table on the sand. You couldn't be more beach front without getting your feet wet. We had the 5 course tasting menu and really loved it. The amuse was a steak tartare, a little too chopped for my liking, but delicious all the same. Then foi gras, with local honey and honeycomb, and mango puree- stellar. Then, grilled tuna with curried shrimp- loved it Lionfish with a shrimp cake-totally loved it, Grilled sirloin with sauteed sweetbreads-was over the moon with the sweetbreads, and a Coconut/mango panacotta for dessert- liked it, but was probably disappointed only in that our menu listed a cheesecake for dessert and we were quite looking forward to that. The Culinary Beach Restaurant is not inexpensive. But, it is by far the best meal we've had on the island. Service is not quite at the level of the food, but it's still far better than most places. if you love good food, go. Just make a reservation well in advance, as they keep the number of tables small and it's not easy to get one at the last minute.
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Great pizza and burgers, and a good selection of other choices. The bill includes a 12% gratuity shared with the serving staff and the kitchen staff. Consider it Westpunt's version of Fifteen, in that Sunshine and David are creating opportunities that local youth otherwise wouldn't have, and you get a nice meal out of it!
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Quite possibly the best store in Curacao and a must-visit for foodies. Whether you're an expat or visiting the island off a cruise ship, if you like to cook and love excellent knives, accessories, pots and pans, at really excellent prices, you want to make Koksmaat a stop.
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if you are on Curacao and you need a sweet, delicious cupcake treat, you can do no better than Glitz. Easily accessible on Corriweg, it's in the anchor position of a small strip mall. The entrance is easy to miss, so slow down as you approach it. I ended up going in the exit :) The cupcakes are fantastic. Moist and delicious, with almost, but not too much icing. if you have to buy treats for your office for your birthday or whatever, bring a box of Glitz cupcakes in and you're all set. Closed on Mondays, which is unfortunate. And, they are super responsive by email you want to place an order for pick up on other days.
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If you love giant roadside attractions, Salem Sue is definitely one. And a nice view can be had from up there.
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I'm pleased to see that Penwarden Fine Jewellery is on G+ now :) If you are in the Toronto area and looking for really beautiful original or custom made jewellery, Linda Penwarden is who you want to see. No fooling. Or, look her shop up on line and buy that way. They are top notch.
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