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Nexus 5  16GB black out of inventory in Canada already.

16GB white, 32GB white and black still there.  
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and back available again now :) 
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Kevin Dunseath

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Pasteur's Quadrant:  The culture of Innovation at DARPA, and how it relates to Google/Motorola's Advanced Technology and Projects group.

"As a result of adopting the DARPA model, ATAP has been able to launch eight projects, involving more than 120 companies and six universities and expertise from 11 countries, in 14 months" .    Pardon me while I turn slightly green with envy.
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I don't really remember what I did the summer I turned 27, but I do remember it didn't involve running across Canada-  5000 miles, more than a marathon a day-  without a support crew.

Jamie McDonald is doing just that, right now.  He's doing it for the challenge of course, having had some medical issues as a kid, but he's also doing it to raise money for the Great Ormond Street Hospital- a children's hospital- in London,  and Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.   And he needs to finish by mid-December, when his visa expires.  Unless someone like, say +Stephen Harper  were to tell his minister to take care of the visa issue, should it arise :)

 This guy is kinda nuts. But in a really good way. He's got a whole youtube playlist of videos up and recording more as he goes.

#JamieMcDonald   #greatormondstreethospital  
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Happy Memorial Day to my American friends, and thanks to those who serve and have served.
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Thanks for the heads up +Kevin Dunseath !!
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UK's Office of Fair Trading to look into Google-Waze deal.  Regulators looking to regulate.. I guess everyone wants to justify their existence..
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Isn't it already the case for android users, doing extra work?  Don't tell anyone, I don't want to start another fight here...
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I guess Netflix got all the new business it needed out of the initial #Chromecast rush.   No promo for you! 
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+Rob K I have plans for when the boy finally reaches 50 but I could scrap them all for your sensible suggestion of a mug.  Just saved me oodles of effort and cash - thanks! And don't worry +Kevin Dunseath - I'll fill it with Sea Monkeys.
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Why I love Google Search:
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COOOL... #earthquake  in Toronto.  Building just did the swaying thing
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My wife felt it at home in Ajax. I feel robbed. I never feel these things. #firstworldproblems  
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Hi there- first gen G+er here, joined on July 1, 2011 after seeing a flurry of posts about it on the old Google Buzz and begging an invite.

I largely post only to my circles or to my extended circles, though occasionally I do post to public. Why?  Just seems like the thing to do.  So, if you don't see anything "shared with you" when you check out my profile, trust me, I'm a G+'er from way back and on here all the time.

In no particular order, some circles you could put me in include: 
  • All things Android
  • All things tech, including next gen energy solutions
  • The stock market
  • Running/marathons
  • Motorcycles (I have a 2011 F800ST)
  • Food and cooking (see below)
  • Wine
  • Politics
  • Photography 

Last summer did an awesome summer road trip.  Hopped on my F800ST and rode out to Logan Pass, via Mt Rushmore, the Crazy Horse memorial, Custer Battlefields, Wall Drug, the Enchanted Highway, various giant balls of twine and other roadside attractions.   I guess that means you could put me in a goofy kitsch circle as well :)

Oh, and if cooking is your thing, check out my recipe page, where I try to share things that make me go  Yummmm:

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Really good pizza, and a good wine list. If you are looking for something casual but delicious, you should definitely head to Ristorante S. Antonino. We were there at the beginning of September and really enjoyed the rooftop terrace. It's down a small lane just off the Piazza Sant'Antonino, so right in the middle of everything, but it seems very much like a quiet oasis. We'd absolutely go back.
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Totally worth seeing and worth the pricy price of admission. The exhibits are really well done and there's a fantastic mix of multi media, actors in period piece, and it's really quite spectacular.
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A very good Sunday brunch for $20a head, including coffee or tea. Good selection, though not mind blowing, and the courtyard patio is a lovely quiet spot to enjoy a leisurely summer brunch. The prosecco seemed pricey, and not a ton of selection for bubbly, but overall very good. I'd go back.
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This is a fantastic place to learn Spanish. I've taken group classes here as well as private, and thoroughly enjoyed both. Excellent staff and a convenient location by the subway.
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32 reviews
Worth seeing, though maybe not really worth the 16 quid to get in The Norman Keep is very interesting, but most of the displays in the castle seem amateurish, bordering on cheesy. Clearly a privately owned property, and one in need of some upkeep. The rose garden was particularly disappointing and badly tended to.
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On a 10,000km road trip I really needed an oil change for my F800ST. I didn't have an appointment and they were booked solid, but they still squeezed me in and got me back on the road as quickly as possible. The upstairs lounge was a comfortable place to wait and the t-shirts make nice souvenirs :)
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The Sergison is a decent enough pub with decent enough service, but it suffers slightly from having its outside space beside a busy road. Weather permitting, you'll want to sit outside if course, just be prepared for the dull roar of traffic.
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