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Addicted to blogging & helping bloggers

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The 5 Best Free Blogging Platforms in 2019 (100% Unbiased)

So, you’d like to take blogging for a test drive, eh? See if you like it or not before ponying up the bucks for a complete self-hosted WordPress setup?

In this new post, I reviewed the best free blogging platforms. Here are the ones I would use in different situations (and why).

Big thanks to +Jon Morrow, +Glen Long, +Robert van Tongeren, +Heather Sanders, and the rest of Smart Blogger HQ for giving me the opportunity to write for you guys again.

Some of the great folks mentioned or linked to in this post include +Syed Balkhi, +Medium, +OptinMonster, +Jeff Goins, +Ivy Shelden, +james altucher, +Lorelle VanFossen, +Darren Rowse, +LinkedIn, +WordPress, +Neil Hughes, +Sarah Von Bargen, +Jaime Buckley, +Mary Kate Robertson, +Meera Kothand, +Copyblogger, +James Chartrand, +Tim Soulo, and +Brian Dean.

Check it out at the link below, and please leave me a blog comment if you liked it!

#bloggingtips #blogtips #freebloggingplatforms #smartblogger #beabetterblogger
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The Step-by-Step Process for Starting, Growing, and Getting Traffic from Your Blog’s Email List

If you're struggling with getting traffic to your blog, you need to focus on building your email list. And in this excellent post for Be A Better Blogger, +Beth Hayden shows you how.

+Michael Hyatt, +Michael Stelzner of +Social Media Examiner, +Jon Morrow of +Smart Blogger, and +Derek Halpern are some of the great people mentioned in Beth's post. (Also, she has a free bonus at the end!)

Click the link below to check it out:

#blogging #blogtips #emailmarketing #emaillist #blogtraffic #beabetterblogger
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How to Create Content People Will Still Remember in 5 Years’ Time

What the heck happened?

You had a brilliant idea for your blog.

You spent days (or even weeks!) bringing your idea to life — editing, tweaking, and perfecting every syllable.

You used every promotion strategy and technique in your arsenal to ensure the world would know about your blogging masterpiece.

So when you laid down to sleep that first night, you were certain you had a winner on your hands — the kind of content that could stand the test of time and be spoken of with reverence years later by adoring fans who named their firstborn after you.

But faster than you can say “Keyser Soze,” your content was — poof! — gone.

The Guest Post 511 Days in the Making

I had a lot of fun working on this one. Big thanks to +Jon Morrow, +Glen Long, +Robert van Tongeren, +Heather Sanders, and the rest of Smart Blogger HQ for giving me this opportunity. Love writing for you guys.

+James Chartrand, +Kevin Kelly, +Brian Dean, +Leo Widrich, and Tim Urban of +Wait But Why were all mentioned by name in the post; and +Linda Formichelli, Alex Limberg of +Ride the Pen, Michelle Russell, +Carol Tice, +Liz, +Leanne Regalla, +Katharine Di Cerbo, +Sonia Thompson, and +Derek Halpern all had posts that were featured.

Check it out at the link below, and please leave us a comment if you dig it!

#bloggingtips #blogtips #memorablecontent #smartblogger #beabetterblogger
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How to Use Expert Roundups to Generate Links and Social Shares on Autopilot

Expert roundups seem to be everywhere these days, and for good reason. They work.

Want to learn how you can use them to boost your blog's backlinks and shares on social media? Read this guest post from BaBB reader +Bill Achola.

Some of the great people linked to or mentioned in Bill's post include +Tor Refsland, +WooRank, +Benjamin Brandall, +Alex Chris, +Reliablesoft, +Brian Dean, and +Anita Campbell.

Check it out here:

#expertroundups #blogtips #beabetterblogger
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Join the Wanted Hero Fan Club, Get 4 Free Books

Friend and BaBB reader +Jaime Buckley of has been working on a site redesign for the past 4 months. Today is the day of the relaunch, and the result is outstanding. It's one of the most beautiful, custom websites I've ever seen.

Check out Jaime's work at the link below, and while you're there pick up 2 FREE books he's written. No sign-up required. But if you do want to sign up and join his Fan Club (and I highly recommend you do so), you'll get two more books absolutely free.

Jaime is one of the kindest and most talented people I know. If you have a kid (or kid at heart) who loves to read, you need to introduce them to Jaime.

Good luck with the relaunch, my friend. I hope it's an awesome one!

#freebooks #wantedhero #siterelaunch
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6 Simple Steps for Creating Remarkable Content

Want to stand out in a sea of endless blog posts? It isn't easy, but thankfully +Charles Bordet has written a 7,000+ word guide to help you create remarkable content that gets noticed and stands the test of time.

Some of the great people Charles links to or mentions in his guide are +Tim Soulo, Alp Turan, +Danny Margulies, +Neil Patel, +Michael Ellsberg, +Alaura Weaver, +Bryan Harris, +OkDork, +BuzzSumo, +Sean Ogle, and +Isabelle Fredborg.

Click here to read it:

#bloggingtips #remarkablecontent #beabetterblogger 
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9 Lessons Bloggers Can Learn from Marathoners to Maintain Momentum When Blogging Gets Tough

If you're tired and feel like quitting, these 9 blogging lessons from marathoners can help you push through.

However, a warning: If you’re looking for inspirational clichés or for ways to channel your writing muse, this is not the post for you.

Sound good? Then click the link below to check out +Lisa Pierson's amazing insights.

Click here:

#bloggingtips   #bloginspiration   #beabetterblogger  
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5 Secrets of Creating Smash-Hit Offers for a Small Blog Audience

You've seen her on +Forbes, +Copyblogger,  +Mary Jaksch's Write To Done, +Jon Morrow's Smart Blogger (formerly +Boost Blog Traffic, Inc.), and +Darren Rowse's ProBlogger. You're undoubtedly familiar with her wonderful blog, +Make a Living Writing, where she teaches writers to... well, make a living writing.

Her name is +Carol Tice and, yes, she's big time.

But she wasn't always. In today's wonderful guest post, Carol Tice shares how she started earning six figures from her small blog back when it had less than two thousand subscribers.

Check it out here:

#smallblogbigincome   #makealivingwriting   #bloggingtips   #smallblogs   #makemoneyblogging   #beabetterblogger  
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How to Edit the Filler So Readers Devour Only Your Tastiest Words

Blog editing hurts. It demands focus. It takes nerves of steel and a willingness to say goodbye to brilliant turns of phrase.

But once you learn how to do it, you’ll have readers hanging on to every perfectly thought-out word.

In her excellent guest post, +Lisa Pierson of Fine Words shows us how to edit our blog posts like a pro.

Forget the filler. No more handing out empty calories to your readers. It's time to serve up the leanest, most flavor-packed post possible.

Read how here:

#bloggingtips #editing #blogediting #beabetterblogger
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How to Prove Your Blog Didn’t Kidnap You to Jealous Family and Friends

As bloggers, it’s easy to find ourselves up late at night tweaking this or that, checking our analytics obsessively, or responding to our latest comments.

But what does this mean for our friends and family?

Unfortunately, it often means putting them on the back burner.

Blog jealousy is real. Though you may love it, your blogging obsession can be a point of contention to family and friends. To avoid this (or to fix it if it's already happening), check out this wonderful guest post by +Katharine Di Cerbo.

Read it here:

#bloggingtips   #worklifebalance   #jealousy   #blogjealousy   #beabetterblogger  
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