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Kevin Donnelly
SEO Bloke at XP Web Services.
SEO Bloke at XP Web Services.

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Steven Levy tells how Google will use High-Flying Balloons to deliver internet to the hinterlands

Google's Doodle celebrates Fathers Day -

Today is all about ALT tags and TITLE tags. Music on. Pepsi Max poured & heating on full. A great day ahead.

What do you all have planned?

OK. Is it just my computer or everywhere? When I update Firefox it gets slower and slower, taking an age to refresh or upload websites.

Anyone got any ideas on this / experienced the same thing?

Some other Google Anniversary Doodles

Explore previous Google Doodles with this great post from +Pete Cashmore -

With so many SEO tools on the market today, which do you use and for what?

Tools for keyword research, link building, analysing, rank checking and much more - it can be a mine field. From free SEO tools to paid for SEO tools there is a vast awash out there and also a vast divide in what they can offer you.

So do you use Google's tools, Word Tracker, Keyword Discovery, etc and if so what do you use and for what service?

Be great to hear your thoughts.

A royal google doodle today.

A regal interactive doodle to celebrate what would have been Freddie Mercury's 65th birthday -

Skype has now made its debut for the iPad2.

Check out what +Mashable have to say on the matter -

How to send direct & private messages in Google Plus

Thought I would take a moment and give a quick write up on how to send direct messages in Google Plus. Whilst not as easy as Twitter or Facebook (because we are all used to them I guess), still worth knowing and hopefully will become second nature soon enough.

1. After you have signed into your Google Plus account, head over to your stream page. (Home button top left of your Google Plus page).

2. Write your direct / private message into the stream as normal.

3. In the box below the stream (and above the green share button), you will see the option of Add more people. Click that link and then either select a circle to share the message with or type in the individual person's name (if they are in your circles) or email address. The person will then be highlighted and added to the box.

4. Now click the green share button (below the stream). This has now sent the message to the person / people you have requested it to go to.

5. You will see the message appear in your stream & also on your profile page. At the top right of the message you will see a little grey drop arrow inside a circle. Click the drop down and you will be greeted with various options. Select Disable Reshare and that's it. Job done.
*You will also notice this is where you can edit messages, delete messages, disable the comments feature and be able to link to that message or post you created.

Am hoping that is all clear and makes it slightly easier for people who are not sure on how to send private / direct messages. Would love to hear from you if I have missed anything or need anything tweaking.

Happy messaging.
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