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Project idea: analysis/simulation of fractal lacing characteristics in beer head (foam). Tasty science

Oof, gotta start deadlifting in pants. Tearing up my shins today

That's right, Irene....keep heading East. We want your swell, not your winds

Chick-fil-a has the best customer service of any fast food restaurant...they have a guy with a giant umbrella walking people to/from their cars in the rain. Now if they would just be open on Sundays

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RC flying shark? Yes. Do Want.

I like how once you've gone through the trouble of making batter and heating up the oil, you just wander through your kitchen wondering 'what else can I fry?'

ZOMG '13 Assassins' is streaming on Netflix! If you enjoy samurai movies or badassery in general, MUST WATCH NOW

ahhhhhh...PR days are good days

Can't believe I'm actually saying this...but the Gmail phone widget actually makes sitting on hold for 20 minutes not annoying.

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Save your health, save some money! Also very interesting about the gender gap
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