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The Great Mobile Payments Debate

Apple pays the carriers quite handsomely to allow Apple Pay which directly competes with Softcard which is fully backed by all the carriers. Google Wallet is a direct competitor for Apple Pay and has quite a leg up in terms of time as it has been out for much longer but the Carriers don't support it and typically disable it on Android Devices. Samsung on the other hand bought LoopPay to go head to head with Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Softcard.

Now, Google has bought Softcard with the blessing of all the Carriers, how much chance does Samsung have with their LoopPay acquisition?

Will Samsung pay off the Carriers to help ensure LoopPay's success or will Samsung leave their users in the dust as Google and Apple reign supreme in Mobile Payments?

What about CurrentC the archaic Mobile Payments solution many of the biggest Retailers (such as Walmart) support? Its technology is way behind Google Wallet, Softcard, LoopPay or Apple Pay. Will Google's acquisition of Softcard help put the last nails in that coffin?

Personally I don't see much of a future for LoopPay with Google's acquisition of Softcard and when you stack up Google and Apple's Mobile Payment Platforms against LoopPay and CurrentC it is easy to see who will be soon forgotten.

What are your thoughts? Should Samsung admit defeat and toe the line with Google knowing that they will finally have a viable solution to ride on or should they pull ahead full force with very little hope and a lot of blind determination?

What about CurrentC? Should the retailers sober up and realize they have been drinking some really bad Kool-Aid and just accept the fact that they are too little too late?

What are your thoughts? Is the Mobile Currency area becoming too crowded? Does LoopPay or CurrentC even have a chance to win over consumers?

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Kevin Darty

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iOS 8 introduced a lot of new features to Apple's platform and +Wallace McClure walks you through using the new APIs in his new course:

Xamarin and iOS 8: New APIs

Wally walks you through everything from App Extensions to TouchID Authentication and everything in-between using C# and Xamarin for creating iOS Applications.

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Learning resources. Learn your way with videos, eBooks, labs, and more. Enterprise resources. Reporting, custom learning tracks, SCORM, and more. Prepare for certification. Microsoft, Java, ITIL, CompTIA, Project Management. Free webinars. Register for upcoming events and view archives ...
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If you are looking to get up to speed with iOS 8 Development using +Xamarin make sure to check out the latest course from +Wallace McClure :

Xamarin and iOS 8: 64 Bit Support and UI

Yes, you can haz C# with iPhones :-)

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Learning resources. Learn your way with videos, eBooks, labs, and more. Enterprise resources. Reporting, custom learning tracks, SCORM, and more. Prepare for certification. Microsoft, Java, ITIL, CompTIA, Project Management. Free webinars. Register for upcoming events and view archives ...
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I was reminded today about Little Bobby Tables :-)

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Kevin Darty

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Hmmm... So, is Android 5.0 coming to the Moto X first or did Google release Lollipop too soon and found enough problems that they stopped the release but Motorola and others are hard at work at implementing Lollipop for their devices and are hopeful that thorough beta testing can help to shake out the bugs?

The media really knows how to stir things up.

Honestly though, I am ashamed at some of the comments I have seen from Nexus fans that believe they are entitled to first dibs.

Two years ago Nexus would be the first and only devices to see the latest version of Android for a very long while. After a lot of hard work, Google and Android fans everywhere have convinced OEMs to make the jump way faster than before.

A true Android fan should be proud of this achievement and not so angry to see such great progress.

But rather than being so concerned that the guy next to you might get an update before you, maybe everyone should focus on what is known to be true, there are bugs in Android 5.0 that are so great, that Google had to stop the release. Beta tests on any device will only help to ensure a much more positive release.
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Kevin Darty

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Yeah, I could go for that. Want to win a cool new Dream Desk?

Enter now for your chance to win :-)
Win a 27in Thunderbolt display, an Apple Wireless Keyboard, a Magic Mouse and an mStand by Rain Design
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Holy Crap! The Keyboard Folio for the new Nexus 9 is $129.
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Yeah, accessories are always very expensive from Google much like they are from Apple. Monkey see, monkey do I suppose.
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Pour Some Sugar On Me

Want to know how to use C# and +Xamarin to take advantage of the new hotness in Lollipop ? Of course you do and with .NET to boot. Sweet!

+Wallace McClure walks you through some of the new features of Android 5.0 and how you can add support to your Apps using Xamarin.

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Android 5 Lollipop has a few new features -- including some UI and performance improvements -- that can now be incorporated into your apps. Here's how to work with the update.
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iOS 8, its bigger not only as an Operating System but in Device Size as well.

While Apple insisted for years that big phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note were not user-friendly and indeed not what users wanted, in an odd twist, Apple release not one but two larger phones in 2014.

While Designers know that size does indeed matter, this new found fragmentation in the world of iOS shouldn't be feared.

In his newest Visual Studio Magazine article, +Wallace McClure walks you through the tools made available for cross-platform Mobile Development within Xamarin to handle the situation.

Thankfully, the Xamarin iOS Designer and Auto Layouts helps to alleviate the headache.

Take a look and get up to speed now on how to use C# and .NET with +Xamarin to create Apps for the new iOS 8 world.

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Even Apple devices aren't immune to the dreaded OS fragmentation problem. Thankfully, Xamarin has a solution, and Wally looks into it this month.
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Merry Christmas!
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I'm very excited to see that Microsoft has finally Open Sourced the.NET Framework (ASP.NET, Entity Framework, etc.) and put it out on +GitHub with the goal of giving access to Developers on the Mac and Linux very soon.

Read more:

They even have a new Pro level FREE Visual Studio "Community Edition" making its debut today. Thank  you +Scott Hanselman 

I'm sure many may know of the existing cross-platform, Open Source version of .NET called Mono that the great people of +Xamarin have been working on so hard over the years to help Developers take their dreams cross-platform (Desktop and Mobile). Hopefully we will be seeing a lot of involvement from +Miguel de Icaza , +Michael Hutchinson , +Ryan Paul , +Jonathan Pryor and the rest of the Xamarin crew with this endeavaor :-)

You can read more about Xamarin's involvement here:

It would be nice some day to install Visual Studio natively on my Mac and knock out the next great Mobile App targeting iOS, Android and Windows Phone :-)

Kudos to Scott Guthrie, +Scott Hanselman , Somasegar and everyone else that made this happen!

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wow, cool!
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Happy Halloween

Android  #Halloweenify  
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