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New mtb just in time for the race season! We're pretty waterlogged around here though so trail time for a bit. Can't wait to take it out though.
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I like it. I noticed you have Geax Aka tires on . Good choice:) I tried them for the first time a few months ago and loved then ever since!
That's all I run now. Kinda wanted Saguaro's since the Ouachita Challenge is coming up but they're out of stock for a few more weeks.
Yeah Saguaro's are sweet too. They would be my second choice for sure. One thing for sure is Geax tires are the best by far and the tread seems to last quite a while.
Very nice bike Kevin!
Never used Geax tyres before. Don't you guys like Specialized tyres?
Their sidewalls are kinda wimpy, especially the s-works that came on the front on this bike. The TNT casing Geax makes is pretty bulletproof. Plus Geax is a team sponsor ;)
Tires are one of the places I'll take some extra weight.
My Trek 4500 was stolen last Saturday morning. I'm in need of a new bike. Any suggestions?
That sucks! If it were me I'd stick with a brand from the local shop and a 29er - I think they're more fun to ride.
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