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This is an incredible timelapse video from the international space station.  If you want to take a few seconds and celebrate the wonders of human achievement, click 'play'.  Video link:

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Vertical Video Syndrome.  It's a problem and it happens all too often.  Check out this brilliant video that explains the problem and how to fix it.

tl;dw, hold your phone sideways and don't hold your camera vertically when recording videos.

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The Newsroom. Words can describe how excited I am for this show. Just, wow.

Aaron Sorkin's new show about the inner-workings of a television news network debuts on June 24th on HBO.

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Here's the real deal: Camera Plots on the Beach.

The EVVY 31 camera plot (flattened) rendered in the sand on the beach with sea shells and sand dollars representing cameras and several large shells showing FOH sound and lighting positions (and one on the stage just for kicks). Complete with driftwood jib and seaweed dolly.
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As someone who sat through two semesters of History of Media Arts at Emerson College, I can attest that this is the most beautifully succinct version of what you actually need to know in order to understand trends in media distribution and the direction that content consumption is headed. Bravo, GigaOm.

Think of Google+ as Google Reader for people instead of blogs.

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This literally puts everything into perspective.
This is one of the cooler things I've seen in a while. It may have done the rounds a bit back, but my friend +Roger White pointed it out earlier, and I just had to share.


What are some good songs with some really good bass or low-end in them? Trying to make the most of my beautiful Shure SE315s and could use song recommendations with a good rumble in the mix. Go!

"We've only got one chance to get it right."
"If something isn't right, you can't just ignore it and say you'll fix it later."

- Steve Jobs (from the book)

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