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When provided with a suitable interface to collaborate with them, humans can help computers find novel solution strategies and starting points for more efficient numerical solutions, to problems in Quantum Computing.

Sherson’s team got around 300 people to play this level a total of 12,000 times on a volunteer-research platform called ScienceAtHome. The researchers then fed the human solutions into a computer for further refinement. Not only were more than half of the human-inspired solutions more efficient than those produced by just computer algorithms, but the two best hybrid strategies were faster than what the quickest computers had been able to achieve working alone. “I was completely amazed when we saw the results,” says Sherson.

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This fun and addictive game lets you make an impact without any previous knowledge of the wonderful world of atoms. We train you through introductory games and use your ingenuity—not textbook knowledge—in the Quantum Moves challenges.

Precision and accuracy are key elements for obtaining high quality data that can be then transferred into actual laser movements in the lab. Therefore, some of the Quantum Moves game missions are quite challenging; they have to be completed close to perfection in a very limited time. Don't be discouraged—we know you can do it!

More and download here (Windows, OS X, Android, iOS): https://goo.gl/uxqUkx

Players discover novel solution strategies which numerical optimizations fail to find. Guided by player strategies, a new low-dimensional heuristic optimization method is formed, efficiently outperforming the most prominent established methods. We have developed a low-dimensional rendering of the optimization landscape showing a growing complexity when the player solutions get fast. These fast results offer new insight into the nature of the so-called Quantum Speed Limit. We believe that an increased focus on heuristics and landscape topology will be pivotal for general quantum optimization problems beyond the type presented here.

Paper (open): https://goo.gl/V6tvjd

Repurposing Neural Structures: https://goo.gl/Hwltzb
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