Fourier Analysis Look and Listen

For this one headphones and a microphone are recommended!

And a fairly powerful, up-to-date computer supporting WebGL and the Web Audio API in Chrome or Firefox is needed to enjoy another of +Steven Wittens step-by-step visual mathematical explorations.  This time he takes us first through some basics of visualising the magic of exponents and logs and then music starts and the beautiful explanation of Fourier Analysis begins.

Presented at the Tools for Thought workshop, Recurse Center, NYC 2016

Hi, I'm Steven. I usually start with my website, aka that site with that header, as my defacto calling card. This effect is powered by WebGL, and consists of live geometry generated in JavaScript and streamed into the GPU. This way I can feed large amounts of data in very efficiently, in this case about 45,000 triangles.

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