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Kevin Clarke

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Big news, streamers! YouTube is now available on all current-generation Roku devices. Get the details:
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Kevin Clarke

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This image struck a chord with me. Because it reminded me of something that's been rattling around in my head for a while.

My own take is that the Universe is a story. We have a story, a theory, about what the Universe is and how it came to be. Like most stories that are told and retold, it's a story that has changed over time. At the other end of the scale, we also have stories concerning the particles which make up matter. Light is made of photons. A photon is a particle. Sometimes a photon is a wave. But these are not reality, but stories we tell to explain reality.

Such stories are not fiction, but nor are they absolute truth. In the same way that a history is never complete, but only a description of one aspect of the past, these stories are approximations to the true nature of things.

And in the same way, when we talk about ourselves and our relationships, we tell stories to make sense of it all. Meet someone new, and they will tell you a story about themselves, and you will begin to write your own story about them.

The important take-away from all this is to understand that the stories are not reality. Don't confuse the two, and never assume that the story you know is the only one, or the best.

Oh, and if you don't like the way your own story is running, write a new one. Start a new chapter. Consider a different ending.

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Kevin Clarke

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The music industry should prepare to be rocked by this deal.
More than two decades after Prince scrawled “slave” on his face to protest his record label, the artist has reconciled with Warner Bros. Records as part of a truce that will give him control over his master recordings.

#prince   #warnerbrothers   #lyingtheivingrecordlabels   #musiciansrights   #music  
The music industry should prepare to be rocked by this deal. More than two decades after Prince scrawled “slave” on his face to protest his record label, the artist has…
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Kevin Clarke

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Kevin Clarke

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Illusion by Barbara Scerbo.
"Barbara Scerbo is a young Italian photographer who recently moved to Rome to transform a simple passion into a real job by studying photography. Before leaving for Rome and with the help of Giuliana Vaccaro she did her latest project ‘Illusion’. The project animates the imagination of the viewer, who is disturbed and intrigued by mirrors that interrupt the image. While the shots seem in general natural, calm and scenic due to the landscape behind, the effect of the mirrored picture in the picture is irritating yet fascinating. With ‘Illusion’ Barbara Scerbo created a beautiful and promising work – we are curious about her future projects."
There are more very interesting images if you click on the link.......

#art   #artist   #artwork   #visualart   #illusion   #illusionart   #illusionaryimages   #coolstuff   #reflectionphotography   #mirrorsandreflections  
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Kevin Clarke

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My dad's life story...  The abstract below will give you a taste, but the story (after the link) is more in-depth and personal:

"Born in 1940 in the U.S., coming to Japan in 1948 and growing up until 17 years old in Kyoto, after receiving his Master’s at Duke University, he started his career in the International educational exchange field and established the Intercultural Communication Workshop, “ICW” (1967) at Cornell and the Stanford Institute for Intercultural Communication “SIIC” (1976) at Stanford. In 1980, he established Clarke Consulting Group, which consulted over 300 companies in both the U.S. and Japan for 20 years and contributed to solving the issues of intercultural communication in organizations. At present, living in Hawaii, he contributes to educational work at University of Hawaii and other non-profit educational organizations. He is married to a Japanese woman from Toyama, Japan, and plans to return to live in Japan early in 2016."

(also available in Japanese:
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I agree with +Dan Scott, what a great life story. Some good lessons for all of us in there.
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Kevin Clarke

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To celebrate the 25th anniversary of <i>MST3K</i>’s national debut, WIRED presents an oral history of the greatest talk-back show ever made.
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Kevin Clarke

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Trees in the Mist Hout Bay, South Africa (by Mario Moreno).

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Heh, I had that same thought :-)
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Kevin Clarke

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Standing desks may be all the rage, but they certainly have their downsides--and they aren't for everyone. Writer Mikael Cho explains why he ditched his standing desk, and how he combats the unhealthy side effects of sitting all day.
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i've somewhat recently - about 4 months ago - switched to an exercise ball for a chair - i love it! you move around, redistribute your weight more often and, for me, at least, it keeps me more mentally alert that a chair. now, sitting in a regular chair feels about as comfortable as sitting on a fence post! 

and i wholeheartedly agree with the mid-day walks ... i try to just get away from the computer if i've struggled with anything for what feels like "too long" ... often, getting up and moving around and you have one of those "oh!! why don't i just do it like this?!" moments.
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Kevin Clarke

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I don't usually post text on image sorts of things, but this made me laugh so hard I can't resist...

via +Jason Hurtado Daniels 
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The whole point +Dan J is calling attention to how secular conservatives manipulate religious conservatives into theologically unsupportable positions.
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