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Enemy of inertia.
Enemy of inertia.

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This long take from the 4th episode of True Detective is just beautiful!

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Currently on Netflix: The Nightmare Before Christmas

I've seen this movie many times and I'll see it many more. It takes place in a world where Holidays are heavily controlled by large corporations. Halloween Town, the corporation with a monopoly on Halloween, decides to expand into the Christmas holiday by acquiring (quite hostilely) Christmas Town. Once the acquisition is complete, however, they realize their core competency is not as broad as they thought. The merger fails almost immediately, and the two divisions once again return to separate organizations, but not before some pretty serious repercussions and a scramble to rebuild consumer confidence. It's really a pretty good lesson in corporate strategy. A joint venture would have probably worked out much better.

Anyway, it's a great Halloween/Christmas movie for watching at home or a in a business classroom. I give it 5 out of 5 hostile takeovers.

Here's an interesting perspective:

Your dreams shouldn't be your goals, they should be an inevitability.

If your dreams motivate you in everything you do, then everything you do will eventually lead you to your dreams.

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Aw, thanks Glass...

Birthdays #throughglass

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Monuments Men - this movie has everything it needs to be a great movie - a good cast, good source material, good score - it just... wasn't.

This movie was ruined by its inability (or lack of effort) to establish characters and build the chemistry one might expect from such and ensemble of actors. It gets a little better in the end, but I had no empathy for the characters. If you focus on the movies potential, it's acceptable.

I give it 3 out of 5 main characters who died before I even bothered to learn their names.

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I can dig it.

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Currently on Netflix: Sharknado

I finally watched the greatest worst movie of all time.

[This review may contain spoilers.]

My expectations for this movie were realistically set as anyone's expectations familiar with the title would be. I normally don't enjoy what I like to call "deliberately crappy movies," but I did enjoy this particular one. It's a nice reward when you see the most ridiculous, stupid thing you can think actually happen on screen right before your eyes.

I cannot recommend this movie though. If the right mood hits you - that is the kind of mood to see a tornado (full of sharks, of course) neutralized by an improvised grenade because... science - then go for it. Otherwise, you'll probably want to watch something else.

That said, I was entertained. The blatant disregard for physics, continuity, logic, or any basis in reality is the obvious draw to this movie. The bad acting, writing, and graphics are probably meant to compliment that, but I had a hard time getting past the poor quality (deliberate or not).

I will suggest you watch it with someone else. Laughing together is always better than laughing alone.

I give it 4 out of 5 surfing SUVs.

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There's a reason these two foods are next to each other in this store...

See what happens when you combine them.


• More features
• Better ways to share
• And no psychological tests on our users

... I should create ads for Google. ;)

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Beautiful... in a mind-bending kind of way.
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