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So, any update on the status of that upstream bug? Seems that all progress on GitHub has halted, so I thought I may as well check (if anyone here is still alive 😂). 
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2 days ago somebody updated QML
Ah cool, I wasn't aware that those repositories feel under the hood of Papyros. I just checked github.com - Papyros, which has been dead for months. Good to know things are still moving in the shadows. 
+Thisara Kasun That link seems to be broken now. I'm glad that Kevin's link shows a bit more progress, but also find it saddening that the community is not kept up to date on progress whatsoever... It kinda makes Papyros drop into obscurity more, which it definitely doesn't deserve.
+Karim Jerbi No they are not, they are still making shit, you need to check out their other links and it will show you that they have made progression I lost the fucking link now :/
+Karim Jerbi Oh ok cool, is that based on Papyros? Do you have the link to its official website?
+Karim Jerbi Oh ok cool, so there is a browser that is named Liri and now they are making an operating system? Is it based on Papyros?
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