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3.0.2beta1 Jul 2, 2014

-"L" Folder Preview (Nova Settings - Folder - Folder Preview - Line)
-"L" App Drawer Icon (Long-press app drawer - Edit - Tap Icon - All white icon under "Built-in")
-"L" App Animation (Nova Settings - Look and Feel - App Animation - Slide Up)
-Minor tuning for running on Android L Dev Preview
-Optimizations and bug fixes

(May take a few hours to appear on your Google Play)
Join this community then opt-in to betas at https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.teslacoilsw.launcher
Or download the APK http://teslacoilsw.com/tesladirect/download.pl?packageName=com.teslacoilsw.launcher&betaType=public
Older Versions:
Latest Stable APK: 3.0.1 Jun 6, 2014 http://teslacoilsw.com/tesladirect/download.pl?packageName=com.teslacoilsw.launcher&betaType=public&versionCode=30100
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AWESOME! Was scrolling thru this page looking at people's different setups, saw "on new post", refreshed the page and this was an awesome thing to see!!!
+Kevin Barry App drawer launcher icon (semi transparent) now has a three dot menu icon inside of it... I've removed it, re-added, and rebooted...  added picture to screenshot board  edit: only happened on g2, Nexus 7 is fine. 
Having issues setting wallappet from photos.. Saids could not save cropped image.. +Kevin Barry
OMG!!! This beta update is so nice!!

thanks for all the hard work!!!
I don't see the app drawer icon, nothing showing in built-in under L preview except for a settings icon and what looks like a calculator icon
Thank you very much this launcher is the best, everything work perfectly!!
This is awesome..
I was using ALP lately.. But this beta is way better looking..
Keep adding features +Kevin Barry
Great!🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒😎 thank you very much🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
issues on switching between isolated tabs on beta1.
Roe Jo
Dumb question but is this beta only for the latest Android version or will it work on older versions as well? 
Nova Launcher since its early release its crashing 24/7 I cant even open a folder, it crashes 24/7. Nexus 5 4.4.4. stock.
+Kevin Barry please fix it. I disabled google launcher and now I cant access anything cause the Launcher doesnt responds.
Problem with "L" App Animation on Samsung Galaxy S4.
Problem with long press app bar. No dialogue box pops up. Kindly help with that 
+Kevin Barry my phone is unusuable atm... Since "Stable" 3.0.1 Nova Lanucher chaging icones or whatever it happens start crashing Nova Launcher 24/7 cant use it all all....please man...
+Nuno Mendes 3.0.2beta1 is a beta as the name imploes. Download the stable version from the link in the main post and opt out of the beta. Beta releases may be buggy and if you aren't comfortable with that you should not opt in to being a beta tester. If you are interested in testing focus your bug report on describing the problem and situation that causes it.
Perfect launcher...works great on my gnex! 
i too am having issues with the isolated tabs
+Kevin Barry hey was just about to email you about implementing the new folder preview. Some bugs as expected so I'll just tell you what I've come across, can't go into the widgets page by pressing the tab,also the new animation doesn't seem to work all the time, example chrome and whatapp for me doesn't open with the new L animation. Now the weirdest thing that has happened to me is that I got a force close, so I rebooted my phone to start a fresh and to my surprise the new nova launcher beta was uninstalled and not only that I was back on nova launcher 2.3 not even the latest stable 3.0.1 version. Had to update again via the play store.  while your working on the betas can you please add that nice transition when switching tabs in the draw and a nice transition when opening a folder. 
Roe Jo
Great update!!! 
Glad to see persistent search box now displays the solid microphone icon to show that google now is listening. This feature had not worked until this latest update. I had emailed you a couple times about it but had never gotten a reply. Thanks for fixing it!
for the love of the universe please please please unify the notification app and any other one into the launcher!! :-) one app simplicity.
Can I make a request? Please could you add an option to order apps in the drawer to our own liking/order. Pretty please.? Thank you. +Kevin Barry
After the latest beta update, I am unable to select any other tab in drawer except the default one. 
is there any plan to add "L" style new card interface in recent apps? It will add more fun to nova
After update it is eating RAM about 182mb before update it was around 140mb. Also when I remove recent app from resent app list then wallpaper on desktop flickers once. 
Last update 02/07/2014, only crash SGS 3, Android 4.3 🙈🙊
The Standart launcher setting does not stick or isn't applied at all. 
Love the L app animation.  This version seems to work flawlessly.  Thank you, sir!  

- HTC One M7 4.4.3
Sorry, the setting not sticking was a error on my side. Disabling a xposed module solved it for me. 
God damn it, was just reading this thinking "gee, it'd be nice to test this out, I wonder if I can install the apk on my phone" (currently on my iPad) when I remembered that my HTC One M7 died nearly two weeks ago... :(

Will be sure to give this a whirl when my replacement (eventually) arrives! Liking the prompt inclusion of L-like effects and animations!
+Kevin Barry
Great update..couple of bugs that i've experienced:
-Unable to switch tabs in the app drawer..
-Wallpaper flickers when all recent apps are closed

Running JB 4.2.2 on the Cloudfone Thrill 550Q..
Does the beta install over the stable or are they different apps?
The SLIDE UP animation changed my life :-) :-) :-) thx for it kevin
If only widget locker could get an update to have the navigation keys not show up 
All app animation does not work on my Galaxy Note 3...ㅠㅠ
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