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Most people in my circles are Linux users. Firefox is the default browser in Ubuntu as we all know, Chrome is now officially the most popular worldwide but there a load of other browsers out there. Personally, I use Chromium most of the time and Firefox now and then.

What's your go to browser?

Just interested in what the norm is amongst the very small sample of users in my circles :)
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Chrome with many memory and flash problems, but also FF with loads of flash problems and some sluggishness after a longer usage.
I use Firefox at work (and IE as one of our online systems relies on the rubbish Trident engine) - it's a great browser but personally I don't see much difference in terms of speed between Chrome & Firefox.

To be honest, I switch between FF and Chrome quite often - I'm just fickle haha.
Both...actually, I use FF/Chrome/Chromium (I split Chrome and Chromium between two different accounts). I generally have FF and Chrome open all the time though at work (FF for work stuff, Chrome for personal stuff). I tend to just open Chrome at home.
I do the same thing at work +Jayson Rowe - I use a separate browser for work and personal browsing. For me in work though, its IE for work and FFox for personal.
Mostly FF, but from time to time i switch to Chromium.
Firefox consumes less memory and loads faster than chrome, but it's not well integrated with KDE :(
Chrome is my default browser, is faster, and really simple, something that i love :D
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