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Kev Adamson
Freelance Web Designer & Illustrator
Freelance Web Designer & Illustrator

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Hello followers! Just a reminder that I no longer post here - but I do on my dedicated business page:

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Hello. From now on I shall be posting on my business page at: Thanks :)

Here is my issue. Hopefully there will be a solution to it:

I opened up a Google+ account using my email and began posting content and creating circles and such.

I then heard that Google+ had an API but only for pages, which is useful as I wanted to use an app to manage all my social media from one place. The issue was that I couldn't transfer my posts and circles from my main area to my page.

I accepted this and then started adding new posts to the page and began recreating my circles structure manually.

But then I created my  Local account which has created yet another Google+ page! So now I have 3 places to post and have circles when all I really want is 1 - a place that is me and my business and has the API, that has all my circles and all my posts.

Best case scenario: Can I merge everything into 1 account without losing posts / circles while still having the API available?

Alternative but acceptable scenario: Let's say I can't do the above. But can I merge my standard page with my local page without losing posts and circles?

This is a nice idea for entering credit card details:

Post has attachment "The next generation of web form and online survey builder"

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Emmet LiveStyle: Bi-directional (editor↔browser) CSS editing / "Design Inspiration & Font Identification"

"A Short Lesson in Perspective"

"Are we becoming lazy as developers?"
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