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8th Health Teaching Workshop 31/10/14 at 14:00 hr UTC/GMT (6:00 am Pacific)
Subject:"The Structure of Bone Marrow. Relationship between the functions of Bone/Bone Marrow and Heart"
Part 1: The Structure of Bone Marrow. / E.Kostova MD, Mr. M.T. Keshe/
Part 2: Relationship between the functions of Bone/Bone Marrow and Heart/ Mr. M.T. Keshe/
Part 3: Questions / Mr. M.T. Keshe/
Host:Rick Crammond, Livestreamed at
Send your questions, or skype name to be on the call.
Folks are encouraged to show support for the Keshe Workshop series by donating to the KF at:
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Dear Colleagues and Patients,
The Keshe Foundation Health Department is glad to announce the next step in their Cancer/Tumor Research Processing Method.
Recently announced… The new Cancer/Tumor Research Processing Method is a completely new and unfamiliar method of research and development. The technological procedure is to be carried out by the use of two new devices placed on certain parts of the body, in order to try to encourage the body while preventing it from producing more cancer cells in the organs and lymphatic system by using the working mechanism of the body itself.
The purpose of the method is to dilute the problem, or what we term processing of cancer cells by the body itself, rather than using any outside materials.
This method of plasmatic intervention has never been tried on a large scale and now the development of the technology is advanced enough for the Foundation to be able to ask the world population to participate in this trial so as to increase our knowledge and database.
Duration of trial: To see the first results, the trial will run for about 60 days from the date of initiation.
The Keshe Foundation is a Spaceship Program Organisation and its trials are meant for the development and use of new systems in deep space.
We use qualified medical staff to monitor the process, and we are not bound by any borders or nationality.
The medical team monitoring your case can be anywhere around the world, as this is an international collaboration  providing an easy, effective and direct path to the correct function of  the body of man in order to reverse the disease process which had been contracted and leads to the creation and development of cancer or tumors.
We are open about our research, and we invite independent cancer research groups to take part and monitor our procedure and progress.
Effectiveness of the method in patients without prior chemotherapy is assumed to be higher when compared to patients with prior chemotherapy and other treatment attempts.
In patients with prior chemotherapy, the process could take a longer period of time, but improvement is still not impossible.
The donation amount that the Foundation is hoping to receive for the New Cancer/Tumor Research is around 5000 Euro which includes a diagnosis, preparation of devices and follow up of the cases by doctors to cover our expenses.
Upon completion of the trial, the data and results will be released openly to the world population, exactly as we have done with our other patented applications and technologies, so that it allows us to make the technology accessible to many more people.
The reason for this new trial in recruiting volunteers is to increase our database on a wider scale.
The required number of volunteers who have not undergone previous chemotherapy is up to 1000.
The number of patients with prior chemotherapy treatment is up to 10.
Patients - Volunteers, who have interest in participating in the program, please send your applications to the following e-mail address:
If you are a cancer clinic or cancer organization that would like to participate in our trial by introducing volunteers, or if you would like to be monitoring certain parts of this trial, please contact us through the same e-mail address.
For National and International Health Organizations that would like to introduce their own cases and monitor the progress of their volunteers collectively with the Keshe Foundation, please contact,
Dr. E. Kostova.
Thank you!
Keshe Foundation Health Department
E. Kostova, MD
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