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Kerry Sanders
Software developer who loves family, sports, and mobile games.
Software developer who loves family, sports, and mobile games.

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If you have played Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, you will be excited about the announcement by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today. The sequel, named Middle-earth: Shadow of War, will be available August 22nd with the game play reveal coming March 8th. 

I built the latest source today ... after I gave Thomas time to get it all pushed in. :-)

Anyway, I am only having one issue that I cannot figure out. When I use the File Open dialog, select a file, and click OK or hit the Enter key, I get an EAccessViolation at address 2003F32C in module 'rtl100.bpl'.

Every other expert including the external version of GExpertsGrep.exe is working fine.

I went so far as taking my version of Delphi 2007 back to original installed settings without any third-party controls installed. Still no joy.

Has anyone else seen anything like this?

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I pulled the code today and built it for the first time. I am using Delphi 2007 and XE7. I ran into one hiccup. The build failed for both on GX_OpenFile.pas. It references GX_ReadMapFileThread, but that file has not been added to the project file, so it cannot find it even though it exists in source\utils. Once I added it to the project, everything built fine.

I could push that in, but I had not been keeping up with things here until recently, so I do not know your policy on code pushes.

+Thomas Mueller Sorry for the message here. You can delete this after reading it if you so choose. I tried visiting the blog page for GExperts Experimental just now, but the page is throwing a fatal error.

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Password managers are a must-have tool in this day and age. It makes using longer, stronger password easier. There is no excuse for you to be using your small list of easy-to-remember passwords.

I am not sure if this has been reported or not, but using the 2017-01-15 release in XE7, when I go into Configuration and configure Clean Directories to include the unit output and executable directories, the directory that is set in the Unit output directory for the Debug configuration is not show up in the list of directories to be cleaned when I use the Clean Directories option.

I have noticed some slowness when opening the File Open dialog in the latest release for Delphi 2007. Before installing this update, this dialog would open very quickly, but it takes over 5 seconds for the dialog to display now. I have not added any custom paths for any of the file groups in the configuration for that dialog.

Has anyone else noticed this or could someone try it and report back?


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Not that it is a big deal, but I thought I would report an issue I just saw with the UI. I installed the 2017-01-15 release for Delphi 2007 this morning. When I pulled up the GExperts Configuration dialog, I noticed that the File Locations search buttons are clipped on the right side. I tried resizing the window, but the clipping remained.


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I just installed GExperts 1.38 experimental using the GXDelphi2007-138-experimental-twm-2016-07-24.exe installer for Delphi 2007. After installing, I launched the PE Information expert and I get the error seen below. I found a copy of vcl160.bpl on my Delphi XE7 VM and copied it over to see if that fixed the problem. After doing that, I got a similar error to the one below, but it is now looking for vcl160x.bpl. Any thoughts on what I need to do?
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