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A sort of whole lot of nothing going on in this image but I was suckered by the swirls and merging of color.

(psssst +Nick Gatens - this is one that looks funky to me on upload. Lightbox looks better but the colors got wonky in the small view.)

Her Ears Were Full Of The Sound Of Color
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Trademark Kerry colours. Very nice!
I want a bedspread of the colors you magic-ed here so that I can luxuriate in rich Mediterranean hues. I want a tropical dress of these colors and patterned with these leaves so that I will stand out from the orange and the pink and the red and dance with a cool languid style. I want.
You didn't have to say it coz I didn't notice the "wonkiness", +Kerry Murphy. :D Superb once again... and again... and again. :)
Refreshing green... Love it! Like what +Sumit Sen said, another trademark colour palette from you.. You must create a "Kerry Kolours" brand! :D
Kerry, it is lovely, in the lightbox and out.
To you and +Nick Gatens (you better keep posting, mister!!!) -- are you using Chrome? It is not a color-managed browser, so stuff will look quite changed in it.
Love this one +Kerry Murphy! These are my kind of colors. =)

+Robin Griggs Wood - My issue was an issue with things coming out all pixelated and low-quality. It's not an issue with my original, nor the full size version after it's uploaded - but when it's scaled down to fit the stream or the album views, there are a lot of funky artifacts - and it looks really bad. I wouldn't quit posting over something like that; just quit trying to mess with it yesterday, because I spent an hour and had no luck whatsoever!
+Brad Sloan, +Josh Patterson, +Ron Clifford, +E.E. Giorgi - thank you all so much!
+Sumit Sen - :) Thank you, my friend!
+Lee Daniels - that sounds delightful! I think I want, too. Thank you. xo
+Lawrence del Mundo - Thank you so much!
+Althea Ferrer Iligan - hahah! A brand. :) Thank you!!
+Myrna Weinreich - hi!! Thank you, my friend!
+Robin Griggs Wood - I do use chrome. I see what +Nick Gatens is describing - not as bad with this image and typically on images that are more saturated with color but they sometimes look pixelated and noisy in the small view. Thank you so much!!
+Dirk Wüstenhagen - thank you!
+Chrysta Rae - hi hi hi! xoxox
+Nick Gatens - thank you! Definitely keep posting. :) I know I've deleted a few that have bugged me.

Thank you all so much for the visits and shares!
I like your whole lot of nothing :-)
Don't ask me why but I think Pokemon when I see this ... I know I need to see a vet :D
haha now you say I don't need a vet I'm relieved :D
Ah, +Nick Gatens (and +Kerry Murphy) ... yes, I've read a lot of people complaining about that resolution-reduction problem. I'm sure you've given feedback, as have many. Though, I believe I understand why they do it (for ease and speed of page-loads on streams with hundreds of images), it doesn't make it any less annoying. We may be stuck with it a while ... sigh ...
You see, I cant do this, I don't have a delicate bone in my body :D
+Nick Gatens says "size doesn't matter"...
oh wait.. that was me..
oh wait.. no, that wasn't me.
love these cool greens.
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