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What an absolutely perfect morning for this week's Macro Monday theme-within-a-theme of LEAF! Sure feels like autumn out there.  It is sleeping with the windows open weather!

You know the drill!  Post your shot, tag #MacroMonday  and + mention the curators - +Kelli Seeger Kim, +Jennifer Eden and me.  We will be making the rounds!

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like looking into a glowing fire Kerry . . . wonderful : )  and good morning!
buenos dias, happy monday !!!
Crumpling of autumn. Love the dark veins and burnished colouring. 
bch 12
Lovely color and composition
Oh and its nearly evening here so morning ;)
Ooh.  Love the color and leafy patterns.  Awesome!
Not here is Florida, it is still sleep with the A/C weather. I should not complain, after all I did not move here to be cold.
So pretty, darn I posted to early to see the weekly theme.  Guess I need to wait until after work to post.
That is glorious +Kerry Murphy !! 
runs to get fall decor out of closet and decorate  :)
The color and the detail are wonderful!
angie p
Love the detail, color and contrast, Kerry! I feel fall!
what the???
how did you manage to take a photo of a leaf on fire?
this makes me so happy, i'm a little tingly. tiny and yet so complicated :)
so many wonderful vein-like lines to follow.  
pulling me in......I'm going in to explore..............oh, so fantastic!
Lovely.  Can't wait for the leaves to turn here in Northern California. 
Absolutely lovely! +Kerry Murphy The sun seems as if it is shining golden through this very beautiful leaf.
Fantastic color and light.
love the light and warmth. OMNOMNOM!!!
!!!!... +Kerry Murphy !!... look at those golden FIREY veins!  This is so fantastic :-D... love love love.
Love the texture!!! So autumny! :) Lovely! :)
Nature's gold! Beautifully done!
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