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Kerry Dye
Search marketer with 7 years of experience
Search marketer with 7 years of experience

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That's for people wanting to live somewhere else than the UK... I imagine if you don't live in the UK already the picture looks somewhat different!

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Cash vs stocks is a good question given the interest rates at the moment.

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The problem of big data from +Chris Pitt .

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You might not be giving your mobile traffic enough credit.

By changing how you measure visits from mobile and how they convert, or aid conversions you could start to see the true value of all that mobile optimisation. 

#Mobile   #digitalmarketing   #PPC  

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The big data future - are you investing?

Technology has evolved to allow businesses of all sizes to utilise big data in their marketing decisions, but where will the future lead us? 

In our latest guide we break down the big data dilemma to fully understand the benefits and pitfalls involved in adopting a data led strategy.

#bigdata   #digitalmarketing   #socialmediamarketing   #SEO   #webdesign  

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How to use context to improve your mobile search results

With the predicted exponential global growth of mobile commerce (m-commerce) and continued search engine focus on mobile search, it is understandable that many website owners expect to be getting more from mobile search, but for most, this is not happening.

+Lee Wilson explains all in our latest #SEO  guide

#mcommerce   #mobilemarketing   #googleanalytics  

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Don't think like a #smallbusiness you can use #bigdata too. From +James Lee .
Not sure why you should be bothered by big data when you're only a small business?

Here's why you should care about data, all of it.

#BigData   #smallbusiness   #digitalmarketing  

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#socialmedia New post from +Vertical Leap .
"Much like social media, big data has evolved into a different beast; an intelligent beast; a beast with purpose."

Combine the two for a super beast! A beast that uses big data to create the most human, and most effective social media strategy.

#bigdata   #socialmedia   #digitalmarketing  

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Go +George Haslett on #PPC keyword discovery.
Are you using all the data available to you when building a PPC campaign?

We explore three must-know keyword sources that you might not be aware of that will help you create your campaign.

#BigData   #digitalmarketing   #PPC  

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From +Nick Pearse and +Sam Osborne #seo  
"It’s one thing having all the information and another when it comes to interpreting this and using it to your commercial advantage."

How to practically apply big data mentality to your SEO strategy.

#SEO   #BigData   #digitalmarketing  
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