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Kerri Richardson Redding
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Loving this. Gonna use it in class next week...
The broad concept of “drawing to learn” is gaining respect and popularity from classrooms to boardrooms. Here are some ways to try it out with Times content.
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Differentiating my Chrome accounts across devices with this serene theme...
"Watermelon Dino" Theme for Google Chrome browser by apofiss. Mini Dinos CALENDAR 2013!…
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We are open for business! Looking for a IT & Media Management solutions for an artist or small business? Looking for effective educational technology consulting for your public or charter school? My 15+ year experience in educational technology, IT & Media management could be the expertise you are looking for-
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#project365  365-41 J is for juice in a jelly glass
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Awesome lighting and composition here! 
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Saturday night. Taken with Samsung Galaxy S4. Lit by Manfrotto Spectra 900F.
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Last weekend's parade coverage for Takoma Voice by keredding Photography
The annual Silver Spring parade offers balloons, floats, dances, and marching bands, not to mention a special appearance by Santa Claus and his elves.
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Kerri Richardson Redding

Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned  - 
#project365outtakes   I did something tonight I do not usually do. I went and looked at other people's posts before I took my POTD. I had been out a lot today, all the while thinking about what I could take for my "J" picture. I had bought myself a new pair of jean- but saw someone else used that for their POTD. I kept looking.  As I scrolled through the group drinking my cranberry juice out of my favorite jelly glass it hit me- Juice in a jelly glass for the "J" photo, hurrah. I was inspired. I jerry-rigged a light set-up. I juggled ideas- excited that I had a just found my concept. I've been wanting a softbox for my home set-up for a while- jonesing for the equipment I use when in studio. I got busy. Four hours, 76  photos, spilt juice, a stained tablecloth and one jumping temper tantrum later- I found my shot. Here are some outtakes and photos of the set-up.
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i was looking thru the different categories today...and came across this.  thanks for the 'behind the scenes' photos.  
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#project365  I is for informative. My view of @Sara Horowitz, author of the "The Freelancer's Bible" at her author talk tonight- Politics and Prose Bookstore, WDC.
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Family friendly reliable diner food and atmosphere. Been a family favorite for 2 generations-.
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