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Keri Morgret
Content Manager at, President of Strike Models
Content Manager at, President of Strike Models


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My views on the Oxford comma.

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Search Engine Land needs your help! Take a moment and share your expertise to help update The Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors!

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This is a great use of a 3D printer.

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We took a deep breath, and agreed to have a financial makeover of our personal and business lives published in the Sunday Seattle Times business section. It's in print and available at

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Coming back to G+ and giving it a whirl again after a considerable time spent away from it.

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Great update from Moz.
Introducing The Web Developer's SEO Cheat Sheet 2.0

New for 2013. +Danny Dover introduces the 2.0 version of the Web Developer's Cheat Sheet that he first produced 5 years ago. The new cheat sheet from +Moz is divided into 4 printable pages that you can tack to your wall or computer screen.

Topics Covered include:
     • Important HTML Elements
     • HTTP Status Codes
     • Canonicalization
     • URL Best Practices (new)
     • Webmaster Tools
     • Robot Control Syntax
     • Important User-agents
     • Sitemap Syntax
     • Facebook Open Graph (new)
     • Twitter Cards (new)
     • Google+ (new)
     • Google+ Authorship (new)
     • Google+ Publisher (new)
     • Targeting Multiple Languages (new)
     • Mobile Web Development (new)

In the future, the Web Developer's SEO Cheat Sheet will be updated when SEO best practices, standards or techniques change.

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There's an SEO consultant in Oregon whose parents were murdered just a few days ago: . It's really terrible news, but folks are looking for a way to turn this tragedy into something positive.

Renae and Lola Cottam loved their local library and always wanted to help rebuild it. Someone put up a donation page in case anyone wants to donate in their memory: 
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