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Watch me talk about Dawn with some other awesome people!
As the Dawn Spacecraft approaches the dwarf planet Ceres in a matter of months, it's difficult to forget the amount of teamwork and collaboration that took place in order for amazing feats like this to be accomplished. 

As of right now, the +Hubble Space Telescope has the highest resolution image of Ceres, but that's all about to change as Dawn arrives and gives us all a completely new perspective of the largest object in the asteroid belt. In fact, the images taken by Hubble have been highly instrumental in the planning phases of getting Dawn to Ceres, as well as Vesta.

To continue in the spirit of collaboration, this week's #HubbleHangout  will be with those involved in imaging Ceres with Hubble as well as members of the +Dawn Mission Education and Communications (E/C) team!

Please join +Tony Darnell Dr +Carol Christian and +Scott Lewis, who will be on location at +NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory with +Keri Bean as we discuss the long journey Dawn has made to get to Ceres. Joining them as well is +Max Mutchler and +Jianyang Li who worked on getting the gorgeous view from Hubble. 

Bring your questions and comments and we'll read them on air throughout the hangout!

Read more here:
Hubble Images of Asteroids Help Astronomers Prepare for Spacecraft Visit

Dawn Snaps Its Best-Yet Image of Dwarf Planet Ceres

Special Note

Our own Dr. +Jason Kalirai has been nominated for a Listener Choice Award for an audio segment on Exploring Exoplanets released last July.

Please show your support for the #JWST mission by listening to his segment here

and voting here:

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Come join me on Friday!
Join members of the Dawn's Flight Team at mission central at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. With Deputy Mission Manager, Tim Weise at the helm, meet other team members and find out just what goes into driving a robotic explorer [fired by ion engines…just saying]. 

A collaboration between Dawn Education and Public Education and our friends at CosmoQuest, Pamela Gay is hosting.

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