I'm going to delete my G+ history.

I was actually planning to do this before the shutdown was announced. I'll probably delete my Facebook history too. With everything we've learned lately, it's becoming increasingly clear that having public online records of one's past interests and opinions is a liability:

- They can and will be used to manipulate you by companies (advertising), politicians (Cambridge Analytica), and state-sponsored actors (Russia, and probably everyone else).
- They can and will be used for character assassination, if you ever get famous enough.
- They can and will eventually be fed into an AI whose thought process is not understood by humans. At this point, it's impossible to say how the data might be used.

I still use Twitter, but mostly I only to talk about tech I'm working on or make silly comments. Nevertheless I'm thinking of using a tool to auto-delete my tweets after a few weeks.

https://twitter.com/kentonvarda if you still want to follow me there.
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