So I gave The Witness another chance, and I'm glad I did, with some reservations.

The good:
* Although all the puzzles are fundamentally drawing lines on grids, the game came up with an impressive number of ways to integrate the surrounding environment into the puzzles.
* The game was generally very good at teaching each new mechanic, and then ratcheting up the difficulty at just the right rate. There were a lot of hard puzzles but very few cases where I couldn't figure out what to do.

The bad:
* The animations are slooooowwwwwwwww. Does this platform really need to take 30 seconds to rotate 90 degrees so that I can continue on my damned way?
* My pinky got sore from holding shift to run for the entire damned game. Really should have been auto-run.
* The game does not do a good job of directing the player to the place they should go next. Upon exiting the beginning area, the player ends up in the town area, which is a collection of puzzles that cannot be solved unless you've already been to all the other areas of the game to learn the mechanics. So, I found myself very frustrated as I walked from puzzle to puzzle that I had no idea what to do with, until eventually I realized that all these mechanics are taught elsewhere.
* The audio recordings that you find scattered around the world are really annoying. They seem to have nothing to do with the game. They seem to be philosophy and science quotes which Jonathan Blow finds interesting but which I find cliche. After listening to about three of them I resolved to stop clicking on the things. The videos were even worse!
* The keyboard settings let you choose between three variants of arrow key placement: WASD, ESDF, ZQSD (wat). It doesn't let you just bind the damned keys. This obviously isn't because it would have taken too much effert to support key binding. It's seemingly because Jonathan Blow thought that fewer choices make the menus more elegant. Of course, the configuration I have been using for 20 years (WSQE) wasn't an option. WTF?
* The game is, in general, astoundingly pretentious.
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