Spent the last four days straight playing Final Fantasy XV.

Holy shit.

I'm a lifelong Final Fantasy fan, having played through all the main series games except the MMOs and FF8 (which I gave up on at the start of disc 2). I feel that 6, 7, 9, and 10 were the best of the series. I was disappointed by FF12's bland plot (though, unlike most, enjoyed its battle system) and was very disappointed by the way FF13 took place entirely on one very long, straight rail, with battles consisting of holding the circle button until everything is dead (great music, though).

Meanwhile, back when I played World of Warcraft, my favorite thing, honestly, was travelling. Or rather, to me, exploring the world was the most interesting part, and quests mainly served to point me in a direction. I love an expansive, detailed, well-developed, and pretty world to run around in.

So, uh. FF15. Pretty much the perfect game design for me, plus an apparent mountain of cash allowing them to fill out all the fine details. I don't think I've actually played any other game with this level of budget, so... wow.

Also cool that the title screen menu has an option titled "licenses" listing open source tech used, and Protobuf is in there. Hah.
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