Played the new Doom this weekend. It's really good. I feel like:

Original Doom:New Doom::Original Batman:Nolan Batman

That is to say, it captures what the original always should have been, and does it in a way that the original couldn't have in its time.

Specifically: Adrenaline- and testosterone-pumping monster stomping, with blood and guts flying everywhere.

The berserker power-up is the best.

They also threw in some Metroid-ish upgrade hunting, which is pretty great. I honestly kind of love it when, near the end of a game, I can put together a set of upgrades that "breaks the game" making me 10x as powerful as I'm supposed to be.

Also, really impressive graphics (too bad the setting, between Mars and Hell, was intrinsically not very pretty). Consistent 60fps on my GTX 1060 @1080p.

One complaint: In the later levels, you frequently can't backtrack, which makes it too easy to miss secrets / upgrades. This is just really frustrating. IMO if you're going to do anything Metroid-ish, you must make it very clear to players when they won't be able to backtrack, so that they know to go search for all the secrets before continuing.

18-ish hours to complete.
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