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The Cap'n Proto Guy (formerly The Protobuf Guy)
The Cap'n Proto Guy (formerly The Protobuf Guy)

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Argh. I want to upgrade my gaming machines' graphics cards, but it appears that all the GeForce 10XX cards out there point their power socket to the side, i.e. away from the motherboard. My 3U cases do not have any room to plug in a power connector on the side, meaning I cannot use any of these cards for the dumbest reason ever. It used to be that you could find some versions that point the power connector towards the front (i.e. opposite from the video output), which works perfectly fine.

The 1050s do not require a power connector, so it appears the best I can do is a 1050 Ti -- a "budget" card.

I guess it's still much better than the 560s that I'm using currently, but it'd be nice to last a bit longer before the next replacement. Grr.

Jesus Christ, Windows Server.

* Booted up the old VM to test some Sandstorm SAML changes against ADFS.
* I am required to change my password! Apparently the default policy expires passwords every 40-some days.
* ADFS won't start. The server manager UI helpfully tells me that the service won't start, but won't tell me why.
* Digging into the Event Viewer (a totally different program which you have to somehow know exists and might have more information), I manage to find the error log.
* It turns out changing my password broke ADFS, because for some reason ADFS must be configured to log itself in using the credentials of some real user. Since this was just for testing in a VM, I gave it the Administrator password. But that password has changed.
* Instead of trying to remember where to configure ADFS's credentials, I decide to change the password policy instead.
* It turns out I can't change the password policy. It's "locked". I AM THE ADMINSITRATOR OF THIS MACHINE WHY CAN I NOT CHANGE THE FUCKING PASSWORD POLICY!
* Googling, it seems that the password policy is synced from Group Policy. I must open the group policy manager, then give myself permission to change group policy, then change the group policy, then run a console command to convince the local machine to check for group policy changes (even though group policy is managed on the same machine).
* All of this is buried inside these weird UIs that basically look like variants of regedit: directory tree on the left, list of settings on the right. The trees are HUGE and you can only find the right place to look by Googling.

Why bother creating a user interface if it's going to be no less confusing than the command line and config files?

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Reminder that is a thing and if your state isn't signed up you should contact your state legislature representative.

If states representing just half of the electoral college sign up, then we can decide the president on popular vote alone in the future. No need for constitutional changes.

It seems like only a few months ago that clowns were one of the most ostracized groups in the country, with people tossing around slurs like "scary" and boasting about how they'd shoot clowns on sight.

But now, we've elected one as president!

Clearly, clownism is over.

It's inspiring, really.

Received from Google today: "Your Google for Work invoice is available"

Guys, it's called G Suite now. Didn't you get the email? It was labeled [IMPORTANT].

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Last week's Linux kernel vulnerability didn't affect Sandstorm, as far as we can tell.

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Palo Alto parks would like to remind you that regular people must yield to the rich, who incidentally will leave random piles of shit all over your path.

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One of my modern web design pet peeves: Text that is gray-on-white instead of black-on-white, even when it is the primary text of the page. Please, designers, stop doing this! It is harder to read.

Ironically, this article itself is presented in dark-gray rather than black, though I assume that wasn't +Kevin Marks' fault. Hint: Open the web inspector and try toggling the color attribute to see the difference between gray and black. Which looks better? To my eyes, pure-black looks much nicer than gray.

I learned a new thing I didn't know about C++98 today (which is unusual): you can declare a variable inside a switch() condition.

switch (int error = somethingReturningErrorCode()) {
case ERROR_A:
case ERROR_B:

(I already knew that you could do it in an if() condition, but I never knew it worked in switch() too. Makes sense in retrospect.)
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