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Kenton Owen III
"Piercing The Heavens, One Step At A Time..."
"Piercing The Heavens, One Step At A Time..."
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Voting time is around the corner, yo.
Do ya know your location? GET IT INNNN
Do ya know the folks on your ballot? GET IT INNNN
Are you early voting? GET IT INNNN
Need an absentee ballot? GET IT INNNN


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In a Hunchback Hellfire mood. I've been humming it for the past hour

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Happy Football Fridays! Surrounded by Colts Fans, but Falcons all day, baby

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Listen to Melanin Man (feat. Masego) by Brasstracks #np on #SoundCloud

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Yet another Musical Discovery Audio Blog Post! The focus this time: Steve Conte

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Another motivational post, now with BGM (background music)!
"Don't spend your life making excuses to yourself. You're the one who decides how to live your life."

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I don't know how to describe enlightenment, but it's such a pleasing feeling when you're reading/researching something and you're hit with information that will enhance your life in ways you've never fathomed. I've been getting that feeling plenty lately and I hope many of you have experienced the same
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