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Can you say #LinkBait ?  I knew you could.  Talk about a crappy article overstating the obvious.
see photosAP Photo/Richard DrewClick for full photo gallery: Microsoft's Biggest Hits And Flops Microsoft has been on a roll lately. Office for iOS (and soon Android), free Windows licenses for small devices, universal Windows and Windows Phone apps, Siri rival Cortana, even a promise to eventually return the start menu before [...]
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Kent Seaton

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So I've been on a diet now for seven weeks. I'm down 22lbs. My target I'm shooting for is 190 before the years end. I haven't felt this good in years.
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I started by sorting out all the diets... Removing any that had little keep-off success like the Atkins diet or even the paleo type of diets. I dropped proteins down by half of my normal intake and went with weight watchers diet. I don't pay the monthly fee, I use the free information online and one app from the play store. When I first started my diet, I ditched soda completely. I have also dropped high fructose corn syrup. If I need sugar to sweeten things up, I've been using honey, real maple syrup, or sugar in the raw... No sacrines. In a pinch, I've used splenda a time or two but not very often. I drink 80oz of water through the day. Everything I have been eating is either organic or I know the farmer who raised the meat or grew the fields. I've dropped take out completely. Before a strip steak for me was roughly 9-12oz now cut down to 3 or 4. When I started the diet I began walking 1 or 2 miles every day (fast paced, 17 minute miles or better). My heart rate averaged around 140 when I started, but now I'm struggling to get it passed 120. A couple weeks in I started cycling as well. I've learned doing a consistent high intensity work out for just at least 10 minutes each day does more fore weight loss than a moderate 2hr walk once a week. I've also started lifting weights at low resistance to keep my heart rate up. I've shaved almost 4" around my waist already. My skinny jeans are almost falling off my butt without a butt. Most important part though, I'm not doing this for myself... No, I'm doing it for my family.
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Kent Seaton

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So on the way to work today, there was a "running race parade" which had every path blocked.  Took me an additional 40 minutes thanks to bad planning on the race coordinator.
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Man... I guess I chose all the wrong routes as well.  Was a nightmare this morning with all the backed up traffic.
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Kent Seaton

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Watching a puppy for the weekend. This little thing is only a few months old. She is a cross of a boxer and a great pyranese. Going to be huge at when she turns one.
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A heart wrencher allright. 
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So here I am today, stuck inside with the garage door open.  The good thing though, I've removed safari from about 10 different computers so far.  #makingtheworldabetterplace  
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Give it away... give it away... give it away now.  Even though they have the plan to offer it up to a few eligible end users, I really doubt anyone is going to jump at the offer.  To use the old anti-Linux mantra: "it can't be any good if it's free."  Be advised though... there's a reason why they can't sell it.
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Communism I tell ya!!
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I never noticed this before... But she must really work out a lot to be able to hold that rope at that angle. She is almost parallel with the wall and the weight of the two kids below her must be at least 120 each. A complex physics equation which proves an elephant can dangle from a dandelion hanging off a cliff with just enough updraft.
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yep, especially if she's actually holding tight with that upper hand. Reduces the length of the hypotenuse by ... the weight of an elephant.
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Kent Seaton

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Going all nakies and stuff...
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That would have been fun to say the least.
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So much this. Still waiting on #drive4linux.
It's nice, +Google Drive. But no, I didn't ask for more space for less bucks. I only asked for  a native Google Drive for Linux client (other than these buggy third party tools). So, please, when will we have it? And I already told you: I'll buy, as soon as the client is released and turns out to be useful and working as expected. You have one for Android, you have one in ChromeOS, which both are based on Linux. So what the heck can be the problem? You love Linux - but you seem to hate your Linux users.
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Google Drive, mounted by NFS...would be greeeeat...
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Pretty proud of this kid.  For someone who was literally in tears because he had to write a poem, he's come a long way.  If you've had the chance to read Fahrenheit 451, you might enjoy this little tribute poem.
Writing to Victory
Unlike what I had previously thought last blog entry I managed to actually get into the school newspaper! I know that this is rather abrupt but it was kinda the same thing for me. I did not expect to actually get into the newspaper at all due to the fact th...
Unlike what I had previously thought last blog entry I managed to actually get into the school newspaper! I know that this is rather abrupt but it was kinda the same thing for me. I did not expect to actually get into the new...
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Linux Integrator/Analyst
  • B.E.Tek
    Computer Consultant, 2010 - present
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  • Harley-Davidson Motor Company
    Network Analyst, 2002 - 2005
Arrogant Linux Elitest - Hater of all things Apple
I'm a Linux junkie through and through. I build and develop integrated systems used by large organizations such as NOAA.  Consultant for enterprise server class systems and desktop integrator.  You may find my nose buried deep in a tech manual or eyes glued to a documentary.

I'm a bit of an INTJ, leaning heavy on the J function.  If you don't know what an INTJ is, feel free to take an MBTI test and find out for yourself.

I'm a bit of a foodie.  I like really tastey stuff... but more than just that, I try to recreate the techniques used for the various cuisines.  In 2009 I moved my family away from boxed/frozen/pre-made meals and started the methods from scratch.  I'm living healthier for doing so.
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Chuck is my definitive go to guy for almost everything in audio. This is inclusive of car audio or home audio. Chuck and his team are some of the best in the industry by far. They are honest in their efforts and will do everything they can to help you keep within budget.
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Out of the many sub shop chains you can find out there I would say goodcents is probably my favorite. My problem with this place is they have horrible music blaring the entire time. It was so bad one time I had them make a delivery to my car right outside the shop. Horrible music, high employee turnover. I wonder how long this location is going to stay in business.
Quality: GoodAppeal: Poor to fairService: Good
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These guys are great. I've purchased three scooters from them over the years and will be back for more. I had a hard to track down electrical issue on one of my scooters, they were able to nail it and get me up and running pretty quick. Great sales staff. Mike is not only the owner of the shop, but a great scooter enthusiast as well.
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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