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Kent Hurd
Bassoonist, composer, computer geek
Bassoonist, composer, computer geek

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My preferred single page app framework, Durandal, and my least favorite, Angular, are both getting major upgrades soon.  Durandal is getting a new name:  Aurelia.  The lead developer of Aurelia is posting some interesting side by side comparisons of Aurelia and Angular 2.0 code:  

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Time to dust off the ol' Google+ account for some shameless self promotion!

The Boulder Bassoon Quartet, of which I'm a member, has released their first album.  We wanted to let everyone listen to it, so we posted the entire album to SoundCloud.

A couple of my own pieces are on it, which is great.  You haven't really heard the album, though, until you listen to the piece by Paul Hanson, which starts on track 9!

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The Pro Cycling Challenge ended in Boulder today. The route took the cyclists right past our condo. 

Looking for a used couch to fill that empty spot in your living room? Try checking any street corner in the entire downtown Boulder area right now. Such a selection!

Spain has the annual Running of the Bulls. Boulder has the currently proceeding Running of the U-Haul Trucks. I'm not sure which one is crazier.

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I have definitely thought about this...

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How about that? Was wondering why the views on our YouTube "Cantina Band" video were suddenly spiking. Did a little digging in the view statistics, and found this quite cool reason: our quartet was one of Huffington Post's Top 9 Cantina Band Covers. Which is cooler - the fact that we're on that list, or the fact that such a list exists at all? Check it out.
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