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Trying to figure out how to manage my personal vs. work vs. sites/organizations I work with's social media profiles/pages (g+, youtube, analytics, webtools, mail, facebook, twitter) is making my head spin.

Anyone have thoughts/tips/advice? Do you maintain unique email addresses/accounts/logins for your work profiles or do you run them off your personal ones?
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You mean like PENCIL and PAPER? That's crazy talk man.
Use an excel spread would know this If u kept tabs on my social media tips daily. 
When you say man, I hope it isn't me your referring to but if it is All I'm providing you with is advice. I'm not trying to sell you or anyone anything, I didn't know advice was a product someone would attempt to sell.

And the way I phrased what I recommended was a way of just putting some humor into it.

You asked, I provided some help. 
Dude, you're trying to drive traffic to your blog/site. You haven't provided any help, just 2 links to your blog. Don't worry, it's not your fault - serves me right for posting to the public.
My blog is different than the site I'm trying to get people to go to. But yeah, serves you right. No need to be rude
And if u checked it out, you would have found multiple answers to your question your refusing to accept recommendations. To. But hey to each his own.

Have a good day +Kent Fackenthall
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