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Sleep is good!
Sleep is good!

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A friend's looking for a web designer? Anyone interested to deal direct?

Hi good people!

I am using MSI P45-C51 motherboard which supports up to 16GB ram. Due to one of the ram giving problem I am now using 2x4GB ram.

Is it possible to use 2x8GB instead of 4x4GB to get 16GB ram on this motherboard?

Somehow my post didn't show up on the Xiaomi forum regarding accessing Xiaomi Yi Smart Camera (720p with Night Vision) Chinese firmware version.

Make sure device is added to Mi Home (choose China server) with the proper set up etc.
Download Bluestacks on your PC and install. Set up your Google account.
Go to Play store and download Mi Home app and install it in Bluestacks. Launch it and open the devices menu. The camera should be listed there.
Open up and enjoy watching live footage from the camera on your Windows computer. No need to hack firmware or edit whatever files.
#xiaomi #yi camera

Got myself an Android TV Box with Kodi installed. Somehow the music scraper isn't automatically downloading artist artwork like it did on my PC install of Kodi.

The music library is on a NAS and I added the music library via SMB. All album artwork shows just fine. It's only the artist artwork which is missing, and currently the only way for me to add it is manually going through the artists one by one to download info. :(

Hi! Very nice app that you have here. Just two questions which somehow I can't seem to find any answers through Google.

I have a movie file in D drive and moved it to E drive. Its updated in Kodi but it shows as two copies of same movie in Yatse. Do I clear the entire cache in Yatse just to force update?

I also have a movie which goes into its own set in Yatse but it's not in any sets in Kodi. Can I remove it from the Yatse set, or at the very least make the poster image show? Currently it's just a default movie icon.

Who knew that playing with Kodi/XBMC can be so tedious but fun?

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+Steven Tan do you know how to set up Woocommerce for Wordpress, along with payment gateway and the courier company/tracking plugins etc?
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