Thursday evening, I was using Snoopwall's Privacy Flashlight app to attempt to troubleshoot some issues with my bike. As I was using my perfectly good Moto X as a flashlight, it slipped out of my hand, landed face-down on the concrete, and its screen ended up completely shattered.

Fast-forward to Friday, and my AT&T Mobile Insurance gets put to use. I go through the steps to make the claim... and all went well, except for one thing: the Moto X wasn't replaced with another Moto X, or with anything else running stock, non-altered Android (which is the definition of "comparable"), for that matter. No, Asurion, DBA AT&T Mobile Insurance, made the grave mistake of replacing my perfectly good manifestation of stock Nexus-style Android, in all its Motorola glory, with a manifestation of the POSware that is TouchWiz that happened to be a Samsung Galaxy S4. So, I rooted, SafeStrapped, and re-ROM'ed the device with a slightly tweaked GPE ROM. Problem solved...
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