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Comparing the #Nexus5  leaked photos that show the camera to pics of the G2, there's something rather interesting going on: You know how log files leaked specs of possibly another only 8MP camera, right? Well, we all know that packing a bunch of pixels onto a small sensor only makes image quality worse. Even Apple has admitted that.

Anyhow, note where the arrows are pointing in the below image stitch (courtesy of Pixlr on this Chromebook I'm typing on). Of course, at first, the G2's camera eye looks rather large, but look closely and you'll find there's actually a glass covering over the lens itself, whereas in the Nexus 5 leak, the lens is on the surface. In both cases, it appears that the aperture (the main point of entry for light) is the same size, which in turn likely indicates identically-sized sensors.

This could only mean one thing: Google following in Apple's iPhone 5S footsteps by increasing individual pixel size... to possibly a one-upping level. Hopefully Google's announcement will tell us more...
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Should of been what competitors did from the start rip apart the iPhone and mimic what they are best at..apples taking that approach with software now or at least trying too, apples users won't know.
Good to know I was leaning full weight against the N5. Moto X will be my alternative selection on phones. I heard so many negative stuff with the new gen Nexus.
+Harry Comben For low-light situations, definitely a positive move. The larger the individual pixels are, the more light they let in, making things like concert (or, in my case, worship) pics/videos and content from other situations where there's very little light in the room come out much clearer than just packing on the pixels.
Apple didn't "invent" large pixels. Not to nitpick here, but I really hate when Apple get credit for things they didn't do first.

On to the topic, anything which makes the camera better is of course welcome. Low light high light, more pixels larger pixels whatever. If it takes good pictures, I'm happy.
Rolf B
So, actually Google is following iPhone, who is following HTC when it comes to pixels.
Maybe the nexus 5 is made by HTC this year.
The giant LG logo on the back kinda tells us it's not an HTC phone....just sayin.
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