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Kenny Sibbett
a funny look at how we really feel.
a funny look at how we really feel.

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Happy Monday :-(      *goes back to bed**

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Great story, a little scary. Stecen Kingish~

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 I just had this story published in a great magazine, Fiction365. It's called "Roscoe has an Epiphany" and if nothing else, it will make you think of what is really important in life. Enjoy~

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This poem woke up my brain muscles, after a very hard week of taking care of my dying mother. Thanks Neva, for making me smile~

Hi everyone. I've been a member of YouTube awhile  but I'm trying to learn the guitar, so any tips will be appreciated. Peace~

Looks Great Dee~Thanks for the invite~

Excellent ~ Surrounded by the Blues~A good way to start the day~Thank You~

I'm with you Buddy. I love this music and grew up listening to it. Now, as an old man, I'm tryng to learn it, so the closer I get to you professionals, maybe some talent with wear off, hah~ Thanks for the invitation Buddy and and let me know if you have any special events. Have a good one~~
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